You may know him as a radio station personality on 97.9, but we like to think of him as the man that brought kick-a$$ music to the Android and iTunes app stores on both phone and tablet based devices. And to make sure his music doesn’t go unheard to it’s herds of fans they added a slew of custom Socialize features to help get the word out of his top notch play lists.

DJ Lobo customized the Socialize experience by only using the ActionBar’s ActionButtons and injecting them into his list of playlists. This created a great feedback loop between him and his fans to see which playlists are getting the most chatter and likes. Once he skims through that data on the dashboard he can send notification to his groups of users that have commented, liked, or shared certain types of music and let them know about new songs or promotions that relate most to them.

In addition to the clever implementation DJ Lobo’s app leverages our SmartDownload page in a unique way. Since many apps have much of their content locked into the app Socialize creates a page generated¬†specifically¬†to publish activity and content form within the app onto the web. This allows app content to be shared to popular networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as give users that have not yet downloaded the app the ability to see the activity going on in the app from their desktop and provide users of either platform to download the app made for their specific device. DJ Lobo took it one step further and used our SmartDownload page for the app as the DJ Lobo app home page. Check it out here on your desktop or mobile device:¬†

Home Screen Audio Player

Swipe Left for Genre

Playlists w/ Socialize Likes Comments and Share

Socialize Chatter About a Playlist

Shared on Facebook

Send SmartAlert to Fans by Playlist

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