VerizonWireless recently launched its uber gaming subscription app, GameTanium, and now GameTanium been updated to include Socialize.

GameTanium is an “app store within an app,” featuring over 75 premium, console-quality games for Android phones on a monthly subscription service.

GameTanium has turned each of its games into an “entity” in Socialize’s system, allowing each user to comment, like and share each game included in GameTanium. Each social action propagates through Socialize’s social infrastructure, driving increased app downloads, user engagement, and intelligence about each user. At right is a screenshot of a user’s social action in the GameTanium app for a game called “Treemaker” being propagated out to Facebook, and here is the SmartDownload page that the social action links to.

Users are now able to socialize with each other regardless of ‘friend’ status around each game, right from within the GameTanium app, and they are able to easily like and share each game out through their social networks. Below are some screenshots showing the user experience in the GameTanium app.

Treehouse Game with Socialize Action Bar

GameTanium Home Screen, with Socialize Action Bar

User Taking a Social Action

User Successfully Autehenticated

User making a comment in the app

Comment posted in Socialize system

Screenshot of Socialize's SmartDownload Page

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