NOTE: Information in this post is no longer current; please click here for the latest information on Socialize SDK for iOS 7.

The current version of the Socialize SDK for iOS is built under iOS 6, and contains incompatibilities with iOS 7 that users will experience if they upgrade their devices. iOS 6 users will remain unaffected until they upgrade.

Staying current with Apple’s release cycle is our highest priority; currently we are testing our SDK and rectifying some issues with our testing frameworks (GHUnit, OCMock¬†and KIF) as they too migrate to iOS 7. In the meantime, we are issuing a pre-release of Socialize SDK v2.8.8 that has been built on iOS 7 that you can use in your apps. We do not anticipate any significant issues with users running under iOS 6, and once all tests are running again we will promote v2.8.8 to a stable release on the SDK page.

Click here to download the most current v2.8.8 pre-release of the Socialize SDK for iOS.

For more information on iOS7 compatibility issues:

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