As with most iOS projects, some of our newer unreleased products at Socialize have had a common need for some networking support beyond what core foundation provides on iOS. Nate, our rock star iOS developer, took those needs (and some frustrations with libraries available today) and created a separate iOS library called SZNetworking.

Lighter than a swimsuit model before a pageant

Our goals for this library was to make something far lighter and less complex for managing network requests and signing OAuth requests out of the box than that what is available in libraries such as AFNetworking. As an example, AFNetworking is composed of over 5,000 lines of code where our light weight focused library is made up of less than 1,000 lines of code. The hopes is that our lightweight networking library is far more easy to fix and improve upon than what is out there today.

Covered more than “Yesterday” by the Beatles

Although SZNetworking is not yet in production we have made it available with a slew of tests that generate a 80% test coverage report. We will continue to work with the library and stabilize it as we depend on it more and more in production. We encourage you to try it out and tell us what you think, send us suggestions you may have, or even fork and improve the code base as well!

For more info, check out the README at

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