The Socialize team is excited to be at Google IO! We’ll be live blogging all the new products and services right here on this page.

10:55 – Amit – “Death of Search as We know it” because of the Knowledge graph.  The graph has  over 755K knowledge graph entities.  Google should just give you information and answers before you have questions.  Google Now was launched for Android last year, and now its available for iOS.

Demo for “Hot words”.  Say “OK, google” to start asking questions.  They’re getting really good with voice commands.

10:42 – Google’s Data Center is the new “Darkroom”.  This week they’re announcing 15GB of free photos at full resolution.

New feature “highlight” which pics the best pictures out of the lot of photos.  ”It’s remarkably accurate”.  How does Google know it was the best?  Looks for duplicates, wrong exposure, recognize landmarks, people, aesthetics and affinity.

Enhancing Images  - auto-enhance is an “easy-button” to make your memories look beautiful.

10:38 – Google+ will now have long-lasting conversations.  Conversations are “rich and alive”.  As people are typing and joining they animate in and out.  The new release is available today on iOS/Android/Web.

By tapping on a face you’ll be dropped into a group video chat at no-charge.

10:28 – Vic Gundotra back on stage to talk about google plus.

Introducing 41 new features, but the high level is stream, pictures and hangout.   The new Google+ is all about depth and multi-column design.

Google+ Will now rank and search across the Google+ network and will create related content based on your posts.  This is done “just for you”.  Google will automatically hashtag your images.  They’re showing a picture of a Eiffel tower and google successfully identified the landmark.  You can then go deeper on the topic across Google+

10:20 – Google Apps – many universities are using google apps for education.  Chris is back on stage.  Introducing Google Play for educators.

“In education there is a big gap between whats possible and practical with technology.  It’s Google’s job to fix this”

10:02 – Linus Upson, VP, Engineering, Chrome introduced on stage.

Chrome is about Speed, Security, Simplicity.  Improve performance of V8 Javascript engine improved by more than 57% in the last year.

asm.js is C based code converted into javascript.

60% of bytes downloading during a webpage are images.   Google has created a new image type called “webp”.  Supports animation   Pictures of animated cats now on screen. =)

VP9, video has same quality but has about a 50% reduction in size.

Data reduction proxy will automatically convert images to run through google’s proxy to make things much faster.

Abandonment of carts is about 97% on mobile – New feature for shopping on your phone much easier since Android will automatically standardize your payments across devices.

Providing new web-toolkit that has new UI frameworks to re-use custom tags and UI components based on CSS/JS/HTML.

Now introducing a new car racing game based on chrome web technologies.  The track is layed out across many devices like tables and phones.  very interesting!

9:58 – Chrome OS is now at 750M Active users monthly.  Chrome is meant to provide a cross-device experience.  They’re now showing what a cross-device experience between nexus 10 and a chrome pixel.  Based on Web GL.  The experience looks flawless.   “This wasn’t possible on the web last year”.  WebGL is something new to chrome.

Swiping and gestures on the touch screen are very interactive and smooth.

9:52 – New hardware – new Galaxy S4 will now have a pure Android experience.  ”Google’s take on Android and it feels awesome on S4″.

9:49 – All Access can be accessed on tables, phone, desktop.  ”radio without rules”, “Your personal library blended with ours”.  Priced at $9.99 with a 30-day free trial

9:41- Chris Yerga introduced on stage.  Google Play Store

Play Store will now be optimized for tablets

Google Play All Access – a music subscription service with a “unique Google experience… Anything you see you can immediately start playing”.

9:32 – Monetization tools, Ellie Power, Product Manager

Optimization tips – analyze the app and provide insights on how to improve it.

For instance, upload tablet screenshots, internationalization based on analytics with help from the new “App Translation Service”.  You can upload it straight into the Google Play Developer Service console.

Google Referral Tracking – Allow us to track the effectiveness of channels based on view, install and open.

Engagement metrics from Google Analytics right into the developer portal, soon

New service, Beta Testing and Staged Rollouts

9:27 – Developer Tools – Android Studio – based on intelliJ – “Truly built for android” – Hugo

Integration of more services, with a simple menu item it will integrate GCM right into the app.

9:22 – Google Play game services :

cloud save – ability to save points within in a game

leader boards


multiplayer  -  manage peer-to-peer connections, using connections from google circles.

9:18 – Google Cloud Messaging – pushing 17B messages/day.  GCM is now part of Google Play Services and announcing 3 major new features:

1.  Supports a persistent connection

2. Upstream messaging, so you can send data from phone to server

3. Automatically dismisses notifications across your android devices.

9:15 – New Android features (Google Play Services): Geofencing,  Fuse, Activity Recognition – apps that help users track their physical activity.  Automatically figures out wether users are walking, driving or walking.

Google+ Sign-in – cross device installation.  If you sign into a website it prompts you to automatically download the app on your tablet or your phone.

9:12 – “Revenue per user is 2.5x what it was just a year ago” – Hugo Barra

9:11 – “Google Play has just crossed 48 Billion app installs” – Huge Barra, VP of Android

9:10 – Over 900 Million activations of Android, Penetration in South America, Africa and Asia is still less than 10%

9:07 – “Chrome is the most popular browser used in the world”

9:07 – “Android is the most popular browser used in the world”

9:07 – Sundar “This is one of the most important times in computing”

Sundar Pichai, SVP Android, Chrome & Apps is now on stage.

There are over 1 million people watching Google IO live on Youtube right now.

Vic Gundotra, SVP is coming on stage to start the conference.

The event is about to begin in less than 20 seconds…

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