Mobile Commerce World is a convention created to bring together technology and retail related services together to specifically discuss how the mobile landscape is re-shaping the way we all think of issues such as security, omnichannel, customers, POS, and data.

Sean took part in the “Executive Roundtable: Assembling the Technology Building Blocks”

In it they confronted what Omnichannell now means as mobile phones and tablets have empowered customers to make purchasing deciosn on the retail floor, as well as how B2B services are leveraging devices to streamline the pre, and post sales stratgies.

One of the many major take aways from the panel was this: moving your company to mobile begins far before your first line of code is written, or even before your first message is marketed, but it begins with business leaders and execs embrace mobile as a technology used in-house by their workforce allowing the company to develop a mobile culture as a foundation to build upon instead of one that is simply added to the message.


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