We are proud to report another Strategy game to hit the market with Socialize integrated front and center. Sunny Seed used our basic install solution, the Socialize Action Bar, to instantly turn their main menu into a Social hub where users can share their excitement for the game, tell other their fastest scores, and show their love through a like. Often times at Socialize we find ourselves working hard to get the word out about how our open source SDK can be used to create a completely custom look and feel within ones app, but we are always glad to  see our drop-in solution (the action bar) continue to get nods from our developer community.


Also, another interesting note, Sunny Seed implemented the Apple Game Center product alongside ours. We have always found that Socialize fit quite snugly next to many SDK product in the market today.  And more often than not it is a AND and not an OR situation.


Finally, let’s not forget that the game is pretty cool too! It is like a mix between Sodoku and cross words where the mission is to find two numbers that connect that are either identical or add up to 10. Giev it a shot and post your best score! (Download from Apple AppStore here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sunny-seeds/id464150995?mt=8)


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