ShareThis had the pleasure today to work with the folks over at NFTE launch. NFTE (pronounced niff-tee)Launch challenges its youth (ages range from about 15-18) to create a product, define a market and brand, and launch it within a week. At the event these young adults learn how to target customers, build and marketing their product or brand, develop their client facing elevator pitches, refine their mission statements, and more. At the end of the week they are pushed even further and asked to take their product to the streets of San Jose to sell and promote their product to the real world.

ShareThis helped the ambitious high schoolers practice and refine their messages and pitches.

There was an impressive range of young entrepreneurs participating today. Some having pivoted on their idea through the week, reinventing their positioning as feedback was given, all the way to one youth that has been able to generated $50K a year with his services and looking to expand his distribution.  It was great to see so many business truly addressed a market and problem with a reasonable solution, and all in only one weeks time!

What’s Next? ShareThis will be hosting a NFTE event at the ShareThis offices in Palo Alto in the fall to help teach the next NFTE class about the mobile market and mobile commerce as part of their NFTE App events. Thanks to NFTE to putting on an event that pushed teens to take a risk and “hit the pavement”, we are looking forward to working with you all again soon.


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