Here at Socialize we love asking questions that push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Recently we posed the question to our group: What does sharing mean in the world five or even ten years from now? What does it look like? Does it even look like “a share” at all? Given the ever changing landscapes of data, connectivity, hardware and who knows what else – does the concept of share hold its form or does it change dramatically? The easy answer is of course a share is a share is a share – but why would it stay the same when so much of the content being created around it is shifting?

This type of thinking isn’t meant to be an exercise in “getting to $100M or more” nor is it meant to be a product brainstorming session to create blueprints for your next release. Instead look at it as a framework for an exercise to stretch the muscles formed around what your are actively working on day in and day out – just as you would need to stretch after a long run. Not to mention it leads to pretty exciting conversations. By not being bound by money, product, engineering, or infrastructure how far can your imagination go? You can worry about the details later :)

We believe the goal is to be as audacious as possible. To push a concept out to five or ten years away the idea may have to be based on things that do not yet commercially exist as of yet. A good benchmark may be: if someone wise laughs at you then you may be on the right track ;) So let’s see if you can get laughed out of the building!

Who knows what can come from this discussion or what your “crazy” ideas will create new perspective to others in the trenches. But remember the idea is not to set out creating but imagining.

As I have been playing around with the idea a bit I have found a few good methods to help get going. First set the stage of what the future looks like and then work your way back into how the subject you are focusing on (in this case sharing) would look and function in that new world.

For example:

In the future bandwidth will increase as too will the number of geographic access points connected to the internet – and storage costs will become more and more of a joke. There will be a lot more data coming from a lot more places. What does your product look like in that environment? Or in our case how do you imagine a share will look?


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