Labs: Carmen, one of our awesome product leads here at ShareThis, was the first to turn us on to the new Twitter Card format option from Twitter.

Here is an explination of what Twitter Card is from their dev site:
“Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content. Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpages, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers.”

Of course our team loves to play with new stuff, so we couldn’t help but play around with it! And what better place to try it out than on our SmartDownload page.

More about our SmartDownload page: Our SmartDownload page is a page Socialize generates for each entity (piece of uniquely tagged content) to help Mobile-first apps/comapnies have a web presence for their social interactions spawned from within their native app without needing to host a public web site of their own. The SmartDownload page gives viewers a glimpse into the activity and content within the app as well as download capabilities for their different devices in use.

What happens next: We finished adding the tags to the SmartDownload page to include the title, description etc. of the shared content as well as mobile specific tags such as app name and schema to allow Twitter viewers to open an app directly for the Tweet posted. After validating a test URL in the Twitter dev validator dashboard (which worked super smoothly BTW: we sent our setup to Twitter for approval ( If /when Twitter approves our implementation we will test away! If all goes well this Twitter Card integration in our SmartDownload page will let Tweets, generated through Socialize actions taken within the app, display a more rich and robust visuals of the share content, as well as allows users to open the related app from within the post with a single click.

For those curious to know how to implement Twitter cards yourself check out these super helpful documents posted in Twitter developer site:



It looks like our request to serve cards for our domain was accepted. We never got a formal “welcome” email or notice so I am not entirely sure when it went live. Good news is it went live ;)

We found one small problem (more of a miscommunication) with how the card is presented. There is a field called “twitter:site”. That field is defined as “not required”:

So my assumption was that if it is not required and not presented in the tags on the page the card will simply ignore the field from rendering. Not so.  Since I set up the card system on while logged into my personal account the default value for the field I did not specify ended up being my personal twitter account. This meant that many users had my personal twitter account on their Twitter card. It turns out that if I want this feature truly ignored I must add the tag and enter a blank value for the content of that tag. C’est la vie. The fix is in and my personal account no longer shows up for generated cards.

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