Your tests are probably wrong

Even if you’re writing tests for your software (which many don’t), you’re probably doing it wrong.

Software testing is all too often an afterthought and the tests that are written are usually either completely ineffective, or so fragile that the slightest change in the system will cause widespread failures in the test suite which leads to “build nonchalance”; the situation where a build failure is not taken seriously because it happens so frequently.

Overwhelmingly the problem is not an issue of the attitude toward testing, but rather a more basic lack of understanding of how to write effective and efficient software tests.

This is a big topic.  Too big for a blog post so we’ve prepared a more detailed, in-depth set of guidelines to help software engineers make the right decisions when it comes to testing.

The Tao of Testing is a guidebook for software engineers which aims to set the direction on the most effective way to test software both in a theoretical context and with practical example of how to write the code for tests.

We’re offering this guide as a free online resource for a limited time so make sure you check it out!

10 Rules of the road to help you test:

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