Have you heard about the flooding around Bangkok? Champ, our QA champ, hails from Bangkok and recently created a web app called WaterReport to monitor water levels around the city. Different colored circles on the map indicate different water levels, with green as low, yellow in the middle and red as in you’re going to


Next Friday, the entire Socialize crew (yes, even your resident blog bard) will hack from 8 a.m. to roughly 8 p.m. Cue the pizza, Red Bulls, sodas, more pizza and eventually beer! We’ll take the whole day to work on a new idea from start to finish. After all, it’s our very first manifesto point:


Yesterday, Socialize presented at Disruptathon at CTIA Enterprise and Applications among six other distinguished finalists. Socialize rocked it, placing in most of the categories! Champagne showers all around, y’all. Here’s how we stacked up: 2nd for most liked 3rd runner-up for overall winner 3rd in best presentation 3rd in most unique offer Want the full

nialls book

Who has a published author on their team? Socialize does! Niall O’Higgins, Socialize’s MongoDB and Python expert, wrote a book called (surprisingly) MongoDB and Python: Patterns and Processes for the Popular Document-Oriented Database. Published by O’Reilly Media, the book came out just this past month. Congrats, Niall! Here’s a summary of what the book will

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To better merge app and web activity, Socialize has considered building a web widget that would display app activity and allow web users to interact with mobile users. A widget could increase app discovery and funnel both web and app activity through the same space. Additionally, a developer could take advantage of Socialize’s intelligence by


On October 12, Socialize will be among several companies presenting at Disruptathon Mobile Enterprise during the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference. Here’s a little more about the event: So who are the game changers in the mobile enterprise? Which are the sleeping giants, and which are the up-and-comers? What will the next great enterprise mobile


Our engineering team uses both Pivotal Tracker and GitHub extensively to continuously update our SDK. Nick Petrella, one of our devs, wrote a script to connect the two a little more seamlessly. “I finally got sick of always having to go look up the Pivotal ID for the story I am working on when I


Socialize is the mobile intelligence company. What do we mean when we say “mobile intelligence?” Developers with Socialized apps can access the Socialize web dashboard—this is where the magic happens. Who is your most active user? What type of content do your users actually like? What do people share the most? Does your app’s content


Want to collaborate on an Android app? BeMyApp may just be your answer. Registration for the BeMyApp hackathon is free and open to all developers, designers, idea people and other app-savvy enthusiasts who want to create an Android app over the course of a weekend. This edition of BeMyApp is sponsored by Socialize. Socialize has

Our Scrum process

We recently implemented a Scrum process for our user acquisition team at Socialize. Scrum is project management style often used in engineering teams, but many other teams have successfully adapted it to their non-dev cycles as well. Scrum focuses on value (as in, does this task add value to the company/end user?) and forgoes emphasis

Whack a Buddy app

Thinglet Software is the latest batch of developers to jump on the Socialize bandwagon. Remember those whack-a-mole arcade games? Thinglet’s Whack a Buddy app brings that angst-fueled frenzy to your Android phone: Take a picture of your buddy, boss or random stranger and whack away to your hearts content! You can even unlock hidden “Buddies”

Disruptathon 9/27/11

This week, Socialize sponsored Disruptathon in Washington, D.C. Its website explains that “the Disruptathon event series is the world’s first ‘open’ innovation contest—a wholly interactive, highly competitive showcase for the most disruptive future thinkers across all industries.” Our CEO Daniel R. Odio dropped by to introduce Socialize to the audience. Check out his presentation below

SVC Wireless

Our CSO/co-founder/brains supreme Sean Shadmand presented Socialize at the SVC Wireless Innovation Startup Pitch this past weekend. Out of six finalists, Socialize landed in the winners’ circle. Woohoo! Check out what made us winners in the video above


In case you missed Semantic Garage, here’s a video of the evening hosted by Socialize. If you’re a data nerd of any variety, we’d encourage you to check out their meetup group and stop by the next event

SVC Wireless

On Saturday, our CSO Sean Shadmand will join five other finalists to present at Innovation Startup Pitch hosted by SVC Wireless. The top three winners will receive cash prizes and free legal consultation. With a pool of six finalists, those odds aren’t bad at all. If you’re in town, check out the SVCWM Conference at

Envolve chat on GetSocialize.com

Got a quick question about Socialize? Hang out with us on the our GetSocialize.com site, where we recently added a chat function powered by Envolve. Here’s how to make the most of the fireside webside chat: When you click on the tab, you can see who else is using the chat function. The Envolve system

Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 11.07.04 AM

This month’s Mobile Monday Silicon Valley event focused on location-based services. With our intrepid devangelist Jeremia hosting the evening, ten companies demoed their products. Check out the video below for the latest in LBS: Here are the featured demoing companies: Banjo DigitalGlobe reQall Wild Needle, Inc. Ditto Swiit Apps Miir Avego Localmind Locomatix Gigwalk

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  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: This week’s podcast opens with Jeremia’s harrowing account of how he got ticketed while riding his bike, followed by his deft segue into bike technology. Later in the podcast we move to Netflix, Spotfiy, Audible and media discovery. Sorry, no Qwikster opining…yet. Stay tuned for next


Ashok Felix has published another Socialized Android app: Constitution of India. Much like his previous Socialized app, the Constitution app provides the full, searchable text of the Constitution of India. Ashok claims that this is the only app containing the Indian constitution. It will be featured in 100,000 Sakshat Android Tablets as a non-profit e-learning

Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 11.10.19 AM

Last week, our CEO Daniel R. Odio presented Socialize to the folks gathered at the Transmedia Capital event. If you’re interested in learning more about Socialize, check out the video below for his presentation (it’s about 0:00 to 9:40). The rest of the video is as follows: 9:40 – Robert Scoble interview 34:10 – Appmakr’s


Last week, our CEO and devangelist visited with Robert Scoble to talk a bit about what Socialize does. Check out the video below for insight on our company and product


Our resident mad data scientist Alessandro Gagliardi now organizes the Semantic Garage meetup. What is it? Good question! Semantic Garage is at the cutting edge of semantic and natural language processing. It’s where new web companies in the semantic space can showcase live demos and where open discussion and debate about the future and philosophy


The kind folks over at Color Connect highlighted the Socialize SDK and Base 2 Apps’ double win of our $500 prizes to the first iOS and Android Socialized apps. We were thrilled to see both the iOS and Android versions of the StanCoFair app, and we’re even more chuffed to get a shoutout. Here’s what

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 1.12.46 PM

If you’re a game developer looking to supercharge your user engagement, PlacePlay offers an SDK that integrates local competitions into your mobile game. The SDK creates daily geo-centered tournaments and also supports virtual currency systems. The website claims that devs can increase their user engagement 1.6x. Not too shabby. Check out the video below for

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  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: We know, you cried deep in your heart when we didn’t post a podcast last week. Please enjoy this week’s episode in which I flip out once again, Jeremia and I butt heads over privacy concerns and Patey plays by his own rules. Also, this week

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 12.34.57 PM

On Thursday, Sept. 15, Mobile Mixer will feature over 20 hot mobile startups at PariSoma. Socialize will be among the many interesting companies demoing at the event, so swing by for a glimpse into new technology and solutions emerging for the mobile space. Tickets are currently $15 and will go up the day of the

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 11.53.32 AM

A couple of Socialize employees launched the website Let’s Drink Tonight at the TechCrunch hackathon this past weekend. The website allows users to find local drinking partners either from their pool of Facebook friends or from the website’s own userbase. The team included our designer Hunter Hastings and our devangelist Jeremia Kimelman along with Zephyr


The Income Tax Act app from India is the second Android app to go live with the Socialize SDK. The app elucidates the ITA, providing everyone from lawyers to the general public access to the full legal document. It includes an unedited and unabridged version with an organized and neat navigation. Plus, the Socialize integration


No UDID? No problem. Socialize allows you to track your app’s activity without relying on your users’ UDIDs. Apple recently announced the deprecation of UDIDs in iOS5, which means that Apple wants to wean developers off UDIDs because in the future they may no longer exist. Previously, UDIDs allowed developers to track specific users/devices that

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 6.14.58 PM

Last week, our devangelist Jeremia Kimelman lead a webinar on user engagement for WIP‘s “Back to School” online event. He focused on how to best measure user engagement for mobile apps. Here’s a description of his webinar: “You’ve built an awesome mobile application and finally made it into an app store. The first day you

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 11.39.34 AM

The Assyrian app is Sargon Benjamin’s third Socialized app, featuring Socialize-powered likes (and unlikes), views and commenting. His app is a great way to learn more about Assyrian history and culture or to reconnect with your own Assyrian roots. The app includes: Assyrian proverbs A “Khigga” icon to get the (dance) party started Quick facts


At Socialize, we map the interest graph. We think the interest graph is a rich, untapped source of data that can power tons of information about people, actions and predictions. Earlier this week, CEO Daniel R. Odio took to his blog to explain the big picture of the interest graph. Socialize aims to bring the

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 1.10.17 PM

Peter Kazazes’ new app, American Debt Clock, went live in the Apple App Store this week. It’s a topic that makes for (at the very least) lively socializing: “American Debt Clock is a new way to visualize the national debt in real time with up to the second statistics that will make your jaw drop.

Photo1 (5)

And the SDK Speed Challenge winner is…Connor Duggan! Connor swooped in under the radar last night and grabbed the #1 slot with a 0:23 video. Impressive! The winning video: Here’s how the competition stacked up: 0:23 – Connor Duggan 0:28 – David Goemans 0:30 – Connor Duggan 0:40 – Sam Stewart 0:41 – David Goemans

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  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: This week the trio is back to talk privacy, pirates and protests. Somewhere down that road, I lost it a bit in discussing Flash-based sites and Yelp. Here’s hoping my rage is entertaining for all seven podcast listeners. Show notes: 0:00:12 – Intros 0:01:37 – G+


On September 8, Socialize will attend Pitch, an event that brings startups, investors and other interested parties together under one roof. (Or should we say within one diamond?) Lucky for us, the Pitch winds up at AT&T Park, right across from our SOMAcentral office. According to the event page, Pitch aims: To create an affordable


On Saturday, VentureBeat published a contributor article from our very own CTO Isaac Mosquera. In the article, Isaac argues for preemptive measures to tackle privacy concerns in the mobile space. Here’s a snippet: In order to establish best practices in the mobile industry, apps need to disclose. Their users are left in the dark as


School’s back in session! And our devangelist Jeremia Kimelman is at the chalkboard to learn you real good. Hosted by WIP, Jeremia’s talk will focus on why downloads are a poor metric for app developers…and why increasing engagement is a more productive endeavor. Mark your calendars for the webinar and grab a cup of Joe

Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.32.57 AM

Thanks to our mad data scientist Alessandro, it is now scientifically proven that Socialize increases app sessions by 21.8 percent. Alessandro crunched some numbers from our AppMakr playground—a sample size of roughly 10,000 apps. He looked at the apps over a 90 day period, comparing non-Socialize builds to Socialize builds. After performing a paired t-test

Jamie, Brant and Nena the herding dog

Brant wrote in last night to share a great story about his wife Jamie. She is new to coding, but that didn’t stop her from pwning with our SDK. Brant taught Jamie how to code the same night as the video posted below. “The Socialize SDK is so easy to build in an app,” Brant

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  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Get your Socialize podcast, hot off the presses! This episode, we lost a soldier to a sick day, so it’s just Jeremia and me (Christine) bantering about tech news. Patey was missed, but the podcast is just as entertaining. Show notes: 0:00:12 – Intros 0:00:50 –


OK, so maybe it’s not a real date-date, but there is someone who wants to woo all the lone engineers out there: startups! Next week, Whitetruffle will host a round of speed dating to match up engineers and startups. This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Socialize will lend space at our SOMAcentral


Chez Socialize, we have implemented the Scrum process for project management after our VP of Engineering Jason Polites turned us on to it. Sprints usually last about two to four weeks, but in true engineering fashion, we’ve iterated on the process to implement one-week sprints. This week, our CSO Sean Shadmand explained how we work


Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics recently published some stats on Android app usage—and it’s not a pretty picture for indie developers. As GigaOM puts it: “Android users only spend time on top apps.” The GigaOM article points to a problem common across all mobile platforms: app discoverability. With Android, discoverability can be an especially hard mountain to

Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 10.00.17 AM

Thinking about SXSW 2012 now is like Christmas in July, we know. But Socialize CEO Daniel R. Odio has a chance to speak on a panel, and we want to make that opportunity a reality. Vote now for the Appmageddon panel on the SXSW website! Daniel will speak alongside other heavyweights like Stephen O’Reilly from


On Thursday, August 18, Socialize will host the meetup for the “We Have Tablets” group. Are you obsessed with tablets? Do you enjoy free food and drinks (don’t lie)? Here’s a description of the event from its meetup.com page: Come join us for some food and drinks, hang out, meet other awesome people working in

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  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Here’s our second podcast episode (technically our fourth—check below for the two we skipped). I watched Jeremia put together our show notes for this one, and either he really enjoys the sound of his own voice or we’re just that legitimately entertaining. Decide for yourself: Another

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 3.09.48 PM

Last month, mobile consulting firm PointAbout hosted MoBeta, a networking breakfast series focused on the mobile industry. At this event, they featured our Socialize SDK—thanks guys! We’re thrilled to have such evangelist fans. Check out the Socialize mention in the above video around 0:46. Here’s the description of the event: We’ll kick things off with


In a company effort to release open-source projects, our CSO Sean Shadmand showed off the TeamCity monitor he built for the Socialize team. Here’s how it works: Per my last post about the splendor of GAE, below is one example of a tool I built for us at Socialize to keep an eye on code

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Today, Torsten wrote about Socialize on the appbackr blog. Appbackr is a a crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps that helps developers profit from their apps. In particular, he mentions that most apps can already share to Facebook and Twitter, but Socialize also offers in-app social features: it’s definitely interesting to be able to share within

Sargon's iOS check

Sargon Benjamin has done it again! Earlier, Sargon published the first Socialized Android app, and this week Sargon’s Socialized iOS app went live. Congrats on yet another GIANT $500 check! [Because Sargon won the $500 prizes for both iOS and Android, Socialize will offer $300 to the next Socialized iOS app. Email users@getsocialize.com to claim


On Monday, hundreds of mobile enthusiasts gathered in Mountain View for Mobile Monday‘s panel on HTML5. The crowd was evenly split between developers and marketing professionals, with a few VCs and tech journalists checking out the scene as well. In exploring the oft-touted “write once, run everywhere” description of HTML5, the panel agreed on the


Another weekend, another hackathon…another chance to win some cash from Socialize. This weekend we’re making it rain at the HAPI Hack Weekend in San Francisco. Sign up now (it’s free) to reserve your spot…and your chance to win our $500 plus a bunch of other prizes from fellow startups. Here’s a description of the event:


  Get the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Check out the first (and very beta) episode of our Socialize podcast! This one is a couple weeks old, but give ‘er a listen and let us know what you think in the comments. And yes, we’ll even take requests for podcast topics. Here’s the podcast


As a social experiment with mobile currency, Jonathan Stark is letting anyone use his Starbucks card to buy themselves a coffee…or, you know, buy someone else a coffee or two. And for every mention of @Socialize and @JonathansCard on Twitter, we’ll add $1 to the card, up to $5,000 by August 10. We’re hoping a

Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 3.17.18 PM

Chez Socialize, we use 37signals’ project management system Basecamp. It helps us keep on top of all our various endeavors and their related tasks much better than fishing through our email ever did. A while back, we put together a Basecamp bootcamp to help new (and old) employees get the hang of using Basecamp. Every


Socialize uses GetSatisfaction to power our customer support and developer community. As company that provides a free and open-source SDK, we believe that our customer relations should also be free and transparent. That’s why we use GetSat. Just today, TechCrunch featured GetSat with news of a $10 million Series B funding. Awesome! Whether it’s $10

Just to show you it’s possible, our CTO Isaac Mosquera recorded himself implementing the Socialize SDK in about 2½ minutes. Too bad Isaac’s not eligible for the $2500 prize we’re offering for the fastest implementation of the SDK. Our current record-holder is Paul Murphy, who clocked in at about 3:25. Can you beat his time?


Down in Mountain View, our devangelist Jeremia Kimelman shared his knowledge at the Muther! of all Hackathons. He participated in a panel called “Taking Your App In the Right Directions: (Standing) Out and Down(loaded).” Here’s the description: How do you make your app outstanding? How do you make your app stand out? Come and learn

Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 5.59.28 PM (1)

The Stanislaus County Fair app is the first live Android app implementing the Socialize SDK! Congrats, Sargon Benjamin! How’s about a giant check? When we officially, publicly launched the Socialize SDK last week, we also announced that the first live Socialized Android and iPhone apps would each get $500 just for being first. Sargon already

photo 2

This past weekend, our CSO Sean Shadmand spoke at Chicago’s TechWeek about app usage. Here’s the full summary of his topic: What happens after someone downloads your app? Most likely, that user stops opening up your app. User engagement is one of the biggest hurdles in growing your mobile app, but gamification is an approach


Daniel R. Odio, the CEO of Socialize, spoke on the Future of Advertising panel at VentureBeat’s 2011 MobileBeat event. Daniel’s expertise doesn’t lie in advertising per se, but his involvement with Socialize and AppMakr (and previously PointAbout) gives him a unique perspective on how advertising works in the app model. In fact, one of the


Earlier this month, Socialize hosted the Bay Area UseR Group at our SOMAcentral office. The UseR Group meets to discuss the R programming language. For this particular meetup, Paul Murrell talked about support for rendering raster images. Watch the video above, or check out the pics below. If you’re interested in hosting an event at


AlwaysOn recently published its Global 250 Top Private Companies list, including a select group of “ones to watch.” Socialize is proud to announce that AlwaysOn believes we are a company on the verge of something big and that we are “creating a compelling, exciting, high-growth technology marketplace.” We just launched our SDK this week, and


Red light alert! Someone broke a build! Champ points the finger of blame


Today’s a big day for us here at Socialize. First and foremost, we officially launched our Socialize SDK to the public! (We just might have to bust out the tequila…again.) In conjunction with our launch, Socialize is offering some shiny prizes. OK, maybe not explicitly shiny, but can you say “no” to cash-money-in-da-bank? We don’t

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 11.52.53 AM

After months of hard work, we’re proud to announce the public beta debut of the Socialize SDK. You can download it now for iOS or Android. Our engineering team will churn out updates and new features in double-time, so Socialize is only going to get better as the weeks go by. Here’s a copy of


With the Rib Whip of course! To welcome our newest Socializers, we trekked to some delicious BBQ lunch served up by the Rib Whip truck. It’s just our way of saying “welcome to the team—now dig in!” But that’s not all…A handful of Socializers also stepped up to the plate at AT&T Park across the

Socialize peeking in the Lux gardens

Socialize has made it all the way to Luxembourg! Well, at least our gear has. Check out Chris Redlitz, partner at Transmedia Capital and enthusiastic Socialize investor, and his crew modeling the latest American threads


    Sneakerology, a new iPhone app for sneaker enthusiasts, will launch June 22. The app features: * video reviews on the latest kicks * release dates for much-anticipated sneakers * tutorials on keeping your shoes in tiptop shape * the power of Socialize—the ability to connect with others within the app We’re thrilled to


Earlier this week we mentioned that Socialize would present at Disruptathon Media. And guess what? WE WON. Our CEO Daniel R. Odio presented on behalf of Socialize, and his presentation not only earned us the best overall award but also best presentation. It must have been that lonely cricket! Check out his presentation below: We’re

Disruptathon Media

On June 16, Socialize will explain how we’re changing the world of media (specifically the mobile realm) with our social layer for mobile apps. We’re one of eight finalists to land a coveted presentation opportunity. Here’s a description of the event: Welcome to the Disruptathon Media Event where we’ve done the hard work for you.

Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 2.48.47 PM

Both Jason and Leiser (have you met Jason and Leiser?) led app-making workshops at George Mason University this week. Leiser showed her class the ropes on AppMakr’s iOS builder while Jason spearheaded the Android group. Here’s what Jason had to say about his experience: “My class had eight participants total, and most of them were

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 7.15.54 PM

The new Socialize gear is here! Doesn’t our CEO make a great model


Socialize, Inc. CTO Isaac Mosquera will judge at the BeMyApp competition on June 3 to 5. Ready, set, pitch! What exactly is BeMyApp? BeMyApp WeekEnd is a three-day iOS development competition. The event’s goal is to be a platform focused on building successful startups around the next generation mobile applications. Registered idea generators are given 1 minute


It’s official! We’ve changed our company name to Socialize, Inc. (from PointAbout, Inc.) to reflect our targeted focus. As a company, we’ve always focused on communications engines. First there was AppMakr, an easy, do-it-yourself platform for building mobile apps. Next, we launched Socialize, a turn-key social layer for mobile apps made with AppMakr. These products


The Socialize team celebrated a monumental week for the company by heading over to Tres Agaves across the street. We gorged ourselves on margaritas and enough comida to last us through the weekend. Some pictures of our tequila-happy mugs


We’ve partnered with SimpleGeo for Socialize’s upcoming round of location-based functionalities. SimpleGeo will help us carry the burden of location data so that Socialize can continue to upgrade with nifty new features. Location is the next frontier for mobile, and we’re excited to jump into the fray. Check out the official press release from PRWeb