Mmm, donuts

Here in the User Acquisition department we’re kicking off the SDK campaign: the Socialize Donut Kits™. We’re making the rounds of SF-based mobile startups—and we’re packing yummy donuts—in order to get some great feedback on the Socialize SDK. If you’re hankering for a visit from the donut daemon, let us know here. Initially, we brainstormed

UPDATE (9/2/2011): Thank you everybody for your input, we really appreciate it! We’ve taken it all in and are iterating quickly (M2 – check it out here). We’ve closed the feedback form for now, but we’ll be asking for your feedback again soon! We believe in iteration, testing and feedback! (It’s in our company manifesto,


A company named Socialize with a feature called “Likes” makes you think of what blue-wrapped Silicon Valley behemoth? And the sad fact is that in many people’s minds “social” is equivalent to “Facebook.” Your app isn’t “social” unless you have Facebook integration, right? But that’s not really where “social” ends. Social is about more than