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Slides  Sharing in A Device First World (MoDevEast Presentation)

Presentation Mobile Director of ShareThis, Isaac Mosquera, Speaks at Appnation from ShareThis on Vimeo. Slides Socialize your app to drive app discovery and user engagement from Isaac Mosquera

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OpenCo is the city’s answer to the question: “What makes San Francisco – San Francisco?” Instead of trying to explain the nuances to the culture here the founders of OpenCo decided the best way to describe it is by opening the doors to as many offices as possible within and allow people to come in


Our team gets asked quite a bit internally and externally about nuances regarding how iOS’s identifiers work. We figured we would push that  conversation to a blog post to reference and get some feedback on. IDFA: IDFA stands for “identifier for advertisers.” It’s a random, anonymous number that is assigned to a user and their


Splunk (SPLK) is an enterprise search company that allows its customers to index, search, aggregate, and visualize large amounts of data. We use it quite a bit to monitor many of our services and servers as well as track down errors. Isaac presented some of the ways we are leveraging the tool in interesting ways


We have been playing around with some new languages here and have really taking a liking to the new GoLang project from Google. We have enjoyed the philosophy behind the project, the expertise and thought that went into ts development as well as the ease of implementation and ability to perform and scale. As a

One of the most directly and specifcially requested features from both large and small brands has been to “mask” our URL with their own domain. We also saw clever workarounds from publishers to get our platform to provide that desired effect with no feature in place from us to provide it. – Nothing preaches

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Get ready to get pinning, our iOS and Android SDKs are now integrated with Pinterest. Pinterest did not offer a full in app integration in their current SDK release (, nevertheless the experience is seamless.   Sample demo of iOS implementation when using the drop in Socialize UI: User shares, clicks Pinterest, Pinterest app allows


It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our birthday while crossing over our 50M install milestone. Now that we recently surpassed our next big milestone, crossing over 100 million installs, and getting ready to reach 2 billion views of our Socialize ActionBar we wanted to take the time to thank all of our publishers

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We have always had the mentality at Socialize to not only do our best to test production products (especially critical ones) with coverage from an engineering perspective but more importantly understand that having information and transparency into general metrics within the company can keep each employee and manager from having to second guess themselves or


Here at Socialize we love asking questions that push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Recently we posed the question to our group: What does sharing mean in the world five or even ten years from now? What does it look like? Does it even look like “a share” at all? Given the ever changing


The ComiCon app is using Socialize to help share and distribute the content created by their event and the chatter of their attendees.The app is using Socialize entity structure to power comment, like & share around their content including: – Speakers – Exhibitors – Programs – Con Exclusives Here are some examples of Socialize in action:  


ShareThis had the pleasure today to work with the folks over at NFTE launch. NFTE (pronounced niff-tee)Launch challenges its youth (ages range from about 15-18) to create a product, define a market and brand, and launch it within a week. At the event these young adults learn how to target customers, build and marketing their


Mobile Commerce World is a convention created to bring together technology and retail related services together to specifically discuss how the mobile landscape is re-shaping the way we all think of issues such as security, omnichannel, customers, POS, and data. Sean took part in the “Executive Roundtable: Assembling the Technology Building Blocks” In it they confronted what


We are proud to report another Strategy game to hit the market with Socialize integrated front and center. Sunny Seed used our basic install solution, the Socialize Action Bar, to instantly turn their main menu into a Social hub where users can share their excitement for the game, tell other their fastest scores, and show


You may know him as a radio station personality on 97.9, but we like to think of him as the man that brought kick-a$$ music to the Android and iTunes app stores on both phone and tablet based devices. And to make sure his music doesn’t go unheard to it’s herds of fans they added

As with most iOS projects, some of our newer unreleased products at Socialize have had a common need for some networking support beyond what core foundation provides on iOS. Nate, our rock star iOS developer, took those needs (and some frustrations with libraries available today) and created a separate iOS library called SZNetworking. Lighter than


Labs: Carmen, one of our awesome product leads here at ShareThis, was the first to turn us on to the new Twitter Card format option from Twitter. Here is an explination of what Twitter Card is from their dev site: “Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link

tl;dr: Check the Socialize JS Testing Framwork Out on GitHub At Socialize we believe that it is hard to move a product forward if those developing for it are constantly looking backwards chasing down bugs. Lacking the confidence that each change made to the code base will not create new problems elsewhere pulls innovation for