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OpenCo is the city’s answer to the question: “What makes San Francisco – San Francisco?” Instead of trying to explain the nuances to the culture here the founders of OpenCo decided the best way to describe it is by opening the doors to as many offices as possible within and allow people to come in


Even if you’re writing tests for your software (which many don’t), you’re probably doing it wrong


Go, being a relatively new language doesn’t have a standard or best practice for mocking and testing.  We’re big into CI and unit testing and in order to do it right you need the right testing infrastructure in place.   Although golang’s standard library testing infrastructure requirements: partial mocking 3rd party & standard library mocking library


We have been playing around with some new languages here and have really taking a liking to the new GoLang project from Google. We have enjoyed the philosophy behind the project, the expertise and thought that went into ts development as well as the ease of implementation and ability to perform and scale. As a


Here at Socialize we love asking questions that push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Recently we posed the question to our group: What does sharing mean in the world five or even ten years from now? What does it look like? Does it even look like “a share” at all? Given the ever changing


ShareThis had the pleasure today to work with the folks over at NFTE launch. NFTE (pronounced niff-tee)Launch challenges its youth (ages range from about 15-18) to create a product, define a market and brand, and launch it within a week. At the event these young adults learn how to target customers, build and marketing their


Mobile Commerce World is a convention created to bring together technology and retail related services together to specifically discuss how the mobile landscape is re-shaping the way we all think of issues such as security, omnichannel, customers, POS, and data. Sean took part in the “Executive Roundtable: Assembling the Technology Building Blocks” In it they confronted what

We’re big believers in working asynchronously at Socialize. reports that on average executives spend about 18 hours in meetings per week.  Thats a lot of time spent talking about work instead of doing actual work.  We believe that meetings can be an inefficient way to collaborate if you don’t come prepared.  We’ve even made

tl;dr: Check the Socialize JS Testing Framwork Out on GitHub At Socialize we believe that it is hard to move a product forward if those developing for it are constantly looking backwards chasing down bugs. Lacking the confidence that each change made to the code base will not create new problems elsewhere pulls innovation for

Socialize CEO Daniel Odio and president Sean Shadmand were driving back from a meeting when they got to talking about the importance of process in a startup.  So they turned on SocialCam (which Daniel talks about using on his personal blog) and shared their thoughts in this video: Here’s a link to the Socialize Manifesto

If you walked into the Socialize office on any given day, you’d hear a lot of the same terms and phrases thrown around. Interest Graph is one of them. The Loop is another. And more often than not, “burrito” paired with “size of my head”. But the newest addition to the Socialize lexicon is something

Thanks to Jeffrey Fitzgerald for a great interview with Isaac Mosquera, Socialize’s CTO, about short-cycle SCRUM agile development, knowing how to evaluate certain technologies for a business, and what the future of mobile and social might hold, at the MoDevEast conference last week. Socialize was a sponsor of this conference, along with LivingSocial, Adobe, Millennial


It was only 2 weeks ago that Socialize held its last hackathon—but we were itching to get in the game again! Our last project, Interests Graphed, was completed in less than 9 hours. What else could we churn out in a days’ work? Kicking off on Friday at 9:45 am, the team decided on an

Project Interest Graphed, in all its glory.

Last Friday was less TGIF and more CFSWCMHH (code-faster-so-we-can-make-happy-hour) as Socialize held its first ever company hackathon! Our team was busy hacking away from 8:30am until our impromptu project, dubbed “Interests Graphed”, went live at 5:09pm. Interests Graphed is an interactive map that allows developers to cross-section Socialized app user ID’s to reveal similar interests.

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Chez Socialize, we use 37signals’ project management system Basecamp. It helps us keep on top of all our various endeavors and their related tasks much better than fishing through our email ever did. A while back, we put together a Basecamp bootcamp to help new (and old) employees get the hang of using Basecamp. Every


Red light alert! Someone broke a build! Champ points the finger of blame


With the Rib Whip of course! To welcome our newest Socializers, we trekked to some delicious BBQ lunch served up by the Rib Whip truck. It’s just our way of saying “welcome to the team—now dig in!” But that’s not all…A handful of Socializers also stepped up to the plate at AT&T Park across the

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The new Socialize gear is here! Doesn’t our CEO make a great model


The Socialize team celebrated a monumental week for the company by heading over to Tres Agaves across the street. We gorged ourselves on margaritas and enough comida to last us through the weekend. Some pictures of our tequila-happy mugs