Even if you’re writing tests for your software (which many don’t), you’re probably doing it wrong


Go, being a relatively new language doesn’t have a standard or best practice for mocking and testing.  We’re big into CI and unit testing and in order to do it right you need the right testing infrastructure in place.   Although golang’s standard library testing infrastructure requirements: partial mocking 3rd party & standard library mocking library


We have been playing around with some new languages here and have really taking a liking to the new GoLang project from Google. We have enjoyed the philosophy behind the project, the expertise and thought that went into ts development as well as the ease of implementation and ability to perform and scale. As a

Automated unit and integration tests (coupled with continuous integration) are a fundamental part of the Socialize SDK. While “test-driven development” is a common buzzword these days, we do more than pay lip service to it. With the iOS variant of the SDK, that involves using a mock object testing framework. What’s a Mock Object? As described

As heavy python users it’s almost impossible to setup different environments without the use of virtualenv. As we move more of our existing systems to the ShareThis systems team, our packaging and deployments requirements change. One of those changes is that the package must be deployable to different system paths.  This is because the systems


As engineers we have many open source tools at our disposal.  Making sense of it all is a daunting task.  Luckily at ShareThis, we have 2 brilliant engineers Senthil Rangaswamy and Juan Valencia to work some of this stuff out for us.  This past week we discussed Oozie, a workflow scheduler for Hadoop.  It’s not

Yesterday our Director of Mobile, Isaac Mosquera spoke at Hadoop Summit with Splunk’s Clint Sharp to discuss how to efficiently make sense of big data. Isaac walks through some different use cases of Splunk at Socialize, video to come

If you haven’t heard, Socialize was recently acquired by ShareThis.  Part of joining a larger organization means leveraging resources that  were previously inaccessible.  One of those resources is ShareThis’ world class technical operations team.  Specifically, Senior Engineer Vigith Maurice is responsible for integrating Socialize’s systems into the existing ShareThis stack.  He naturally had a few

A gotcha when generating code coverage with mocks in Python I’m a Java guy originally but lately I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and wrestling some pythons.  Despite some early “crybabyness” that I didn’t like the environment and that I wasn’t alone, things soon settled into a rhythm that seemed to be working, until I got

tl;dr: Check the Socialize JS Testing Framwork Out on GitHub At Socialize we believe that it is hard to move a product forward if those developing for it are constantly looking backwards chasing down bugs. Lacking the confidence that each change made to the code base will not create new problems elsewhere pulls innovation for

Geek Out with our CTO, Isaac Mosquera From time to time, we’re able to pull Isaac away from his job architecting Socialize to write a post. This is one such post. It’s more technical than most of our content, but if you want to geek out with Isaac, you’ll probably enjoy it. Want to continue