Presentation Mobile Director of ShareThis, Isaac Mosquera, Speaks at Appnation from ShareThis on Vimeo. Slides Socialize your app to drive app discovery and user engagement from Isaac Mosquera


Splunk (SPLK) is an enterprise search company that allows its customers to index, search, aggregate, and visualize large amounts of data. We use it quite a bit to monitor many of our services and servers as well as track down errors. Isaac presented some of the ways we are leveraging the tool in interesting ways


Go, being a relatively new language doesn’t have a standard or best practice for mocking and testing.  We’re big into CI and unit testing and in order to do it right you need the right testing infrastructure in place.   Although golang’s standard library testing infrastructure requirements: partial mocking 3rd party & standard library mocking library

ShareThis Presents The Page View is Dead: Thriving in the Social & Mobile Era.  A 4-part webinar series for website publishers and mobile app developers. Please join us for the first part of our free webinar series: Evaluate your Social Cycle: Connect. Engage. Increase. Repeat. September 24, 2013  11am  PDT Registration is FREE! The game has

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Get ready to get pinning, our iOS and Android SDKs are now integrated with Pinterest. Pinterest did not offer a full in app integration in their current SDK release (, nevertheless the experience is seamless.   Sample demo of iOS implementation when using the drop in Socialize UI: User shares, clicks Pinterest, Pinterest app allows


It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our birthday while crossing over our 50M install milestone. Now that we recently surpassed our next big milestone, crossing over 100 million installs, and getting ready to reach 2 billion views of our Socialize ActionBar we wanted to take the time to thank all of our publishers


ShareThis had the pleasure today to work with the folks over at NFTE launch. NFTE (pronounced niff-tee)Launch challenges its youth (ages range from about 15-18) to create a product, define a market and brand, and launch it within a week. At the event these young adults learn how to target customers, build and marketing their


Mobile Commerce World is a convention created to bring together technology and retail related services together to specifically discuss how the mobile landscape is re-shaping the way we all think of issues such as security, omnichannel, customers, POS, and data. Sean took part in the “Executive Roundtable: Assembling the Technology Building Blocks” In it they confronted what

Our Director of Mobile, Isaac Mosquera (previously the CTO of Socialize) and Jon Rooney of Splunk discuss how Socialize and ShareThis utilize Splunk at the Interop conference in Vegas in a talk titled “Using Machine Data to Enhance Visibility and Gain Application Intelligence&#


Bisnow DC, a popular email-based news source (think “People” magazine for geeks) just profiled the ShareThis acquisition of Socialize


Labs: Carmen, one of our awesome product leads here at ShareThis, was the first to turn us on to the new Twitter Card format option from Twitter. Here is an explination of what Twitter Card is from their dev site: “Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link


Socialize has some great news — we’re being acquired by ShareThis, Inc. With the acquisition of Socialize, ShareThis assembles a unified platform across desktop, mobile web browser and in-app environments and extends its massive reach of 200 million US internet users to the mobile app ecosystem. Why we’re selling to ShareThis: Socialize has been committed


Happy birthday to us!  Socialize just turned one year old in November 2012. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to celebrate! We’ve grown tremendously since the TechCrunch story celebrating version 1.0 of our social SDK came out, with 733 iOS & Android apps integrating Socialize’s social functionality.  We just hit 50 million devices

Socialize’s CTO Isaac Mosquera gave a talk at the recent SplunkLive conference detailing how we use Splunk as an integral part of our mobile advertising realtime bidding infrastructure. We evaluate over 10,000 bid requests per second, per RTB exchange. In the talk, Isaac details how: Splunk helps us evaluate ad billions of impressions monthly for

This is where you add your Twitter credentials

Attention Socialize Developers: Last wednesday, November 28th Twitter changed its OAuth mechanism by ensuring that the consumer key/secret was passed along with every request. Since Socialize did not require this from developers previously, user authentication with Twitter started returning errors as of Nov 28th. To fix this issue we added two additional fields for the

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Henry Blodget of BusinessInsider gave an excellent presentation titled The Future of Digital at a recent Ignition conference. As you can see from the trendlines in the graphs below, the promise of smartphones is rapidly coming to fruition, with over 50% penetration in the US, and an especially-significant stat that by 2015 the number of

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 11.24.28 AM

As recently reported by TechCrunch, Socialize has begun to provide creative solutions in the mobile advertising space to app developers and large brands.  One side effect of this growth is that beyond scaling to over 1.3 billion API requests per month for our core social platform, we are also evaluating over 20 billion ad impressions

Socialize CEO Daniel Odio recently spoke on a panel at Digital Hollywood. He was also interviewed by YourBizLiveTV at the event.  The video is below, and the full interview is here

On October 22nd 2012, Amazon experienced an outage in its East Coast region, causing the Socialize API and website to be unavailable for several hours.  Also affected were many popular web properties, including Reddit, Airbnb and others. We asked Amazon to provide us a detailed accounting of what happened, as well as a post-mortem, to

APNS Testing Script

Our lead iOS developer Nate has just published this script to test APNS pushes. Here is the functionality as described by Nate: “This is meant to be a very simple test of push functionality. The scripts also serve as code-as-documentation for the APNS protocol. It could be useful for anyone trying to diagnose a problem with push

Just Crossed Over 500 Million Views of our Action Bar

Socialize is now serving 1 billion API requests monthly, a 500% jump over our numbers from May 2012.  We also just crossed over 500 million views of our ActionBar since we launched Socialize eleven months ago. Socialize is now live in over 500 apps, with over 29 million unique devices using the Socialize platform. Thanks


Socialize CEO Daniel Odio spoke about Socialize’s new Passbook ad platform at Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA.  The panel was titled Branded Advertising Strategies – Content and Platform Integration. Also on the panel were: Brad Davis, Executive Vice President of Sales, Photobucket Joseph Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer, DBG Chase Norlin, CEO, AlphaBird Eric Springer, CCO,

Last night Socialize CEO Daniel Odio participated on a panel hosted by SiliconVikings, a non-profit organization for networking and promotion of technologies and businesses intersecting Silicon Valley and the Nordic countries. The panel had a spirited discussion focused on the intersection of mobile and social — something we live every day at Socialize.  Here is a


Several months ago we announced that we’d been selected to participate in Turner Broadcasting’s Media Camp media accelerator.  Over the past 12 weeks, we have been working with our Turner Broadcasting mentors to protype Socialize in several Turner apps, including CNNMoney and NCAA. Here’s our Media Camp Demo Day presentation: Here’s a demo of some

The new API Activity Endpoint

How would you like to be able to show users of your app the content inside your app that has the most likes, comments or shares?  Our new API Activity endpoint allows you to retrieve app-wide actions based on a type (Comment/Share/Like).  Here’s the API documentation to make it happen, and here’s a screenshot

Customization examples: Lebanese Recipes vs. Nexercise

Now you can fully customize and white-label the look & feel of social actions taken in your app that propagate out to Facebook.  Here’s an example: You can learn more about customizing the way social actions post to Facebook in our iOS or Android SDK documentation.  Updating to the latest SDK in your app will

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 11.14.07 AM

The Socialize ActionBar is the fastest, easiest way to implement Socialize into your app.  You can be up and running with social functionality in your app in less than five minutes. With the release of the ActionBar version 2.0 on iOS and Android, we’ve now added even more Action to the ActionBar.  Version 2.0 of

Facebook recently updated their developer SDK and deprecated the way they save information.  Are you running the latest version of their SDK?  We are, so you don’t have to think about it. In this manner, implementing Socialize helps you ‘future-proof’ your app.  What’s the hot social network going to be next year?  Are you going


Your content should be as awesome to those who haven’t yet installed your app as those who already have.  That’s why we created the SmartDownload system, to let prospective users experience the content and community inside your app before they actually download the app. Now, as a part of that experience, if your entity key

Facebook Facepile + Socialize = Awesomeness

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show a prospective user which of their Facebook friends have already downloaded your app?  Now you can, with the Facebook Facepile plugin integrated right into our SmartDownload pages. Here’s how it looks to a user, and below that is how you can configure it for your app:


Earlier this year, we introduced the concept of referrals from Socialize.  A referral occurs when Socialize introduces a prospective user to your app. Now, we’re giving you a way to track referrals, right inside your App Intelligence Dashboard.  To get started, just download and integrate our social SDK into your app and authenticate your app

aScreen Shot 2012-06-29 at 11.01.34 AM

SmartAlerts are a powerful feature and a great way for users to subscribe to content they love, as well as a unique mechanism for you to MicroTarget users either via our App Intelligence Dashboard or via our Management API. However, when they don’t work for some reason, you don’t want to be left in the

Sending a MicroTargeted SmartAlert to Subscribed Users

We’ve just made MicroTargeting even more powerful:  You can now MicroTarget users that have subscribed to receive SmartAlerts on a specific entity, either manually through our dashboard, or programmatically via our Management API. Here’s an example of sending a SmartAlert out through the App Intelligence Dashboard to all the users who subscribed to a specific piece

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 12.39.20 PM

Socialize can be dropped into an app in just five minutes using our ActionBar, but the integration possibilities are endless. Here’s an example of a Path-style integration of Socialize that one of our developers, Sergey, did as a fun side project to show what Socialize is capable of: Here’s how Sergey did it: The toolbar

The Socialize Management API

UPDATE Jan 2013: We have not had enough demand for the Management API to continue supporting it, so it is currently in an unsupported mode. If you are interested in it, please leave a comment on this support thread so we can prioritize it in our roadmap appropriately. ========= We love being able to give

Over 360 live apps and 1,000 more auth'd apps

August is a big month for us!  Socialize just hit the 20 million user mark this month.  Here’s what it means for us, and where we’re going from here: We already have over 400 apps live running Socialize, and over 1,400 more that have auth’d with our infrastructure and are testing.  All the numbers below

Socialize data powered by Splunk + Google Maps

As the real estate agents always say, only three things matter in a retail business:  ”Location, location, location.”   Now Socialize is gathering and mapping GeoData thanks to a mashup with Splunk and Google Maps. In this view, you can see that Socialize has powered 1.7MM API calls from social actions in the Socialize system

We Tell You How Many Friends & Followers Your Users Have

Our App Intelligence Dashboard not only gives you the ability to slice & dice your app’s users to learn who your most valuable users are and then MicroTarget them, but we also give you unprecedented levels of access to meet your user’s Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers.  You can already find out what each of your user’s Klout scores

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 2.16.26 PM

Our SmartDownload system just got smarter, and it’s your app that’ll benefit!  We’ve added a layer of customization to the SmartDownload system. In the video below, Socialize president Sean Shadmand walks you through what’s new in our App Intelligence Dashboard, including the following new features & functionality: Custom CSS: Make your SmartDownload page look the


When we first released MicroTargeting, we thought it would be hot.  But the response has been even better than we expected.   So we’ve iterated on it and made MicroTargeting even more powerful. Here’s how to take advantage of it: Step 1) Order your users in our App Intelligence Dashboard.  Here’s a post we wrote about

Prompting Mobile Users to Download an app is HOT!

We recently released badges & links in the app intelligence dashboard, providing you with three new powerful ways to encourage downloads of your app.  And wow, how Socialize developers have responded!  Usage of all three shot up, but prompting users on mobile devices to download the app is especially hot.  Here’s a screenshot of the resulting

Scott Boyarsky

We’re thrilled that as part of Turner Broadcasting’s MediaCamp accelerator, we’ve been paired up with two incredible mentors within Turner. Today we’re profiling Scott Boyarsky, VP of Technology for Turner Sports as our first mentor.  Scott has had an incredible career not only at Turner, but previously at the Walt Disney Company, Thompson Learning and others.

The CoffeeTable app

If you’re a shopper, but you’d rather do it from the comfort of your iPad, then we have just the app for you:  The CoffeeTable Catalog Shopping app.  CoffeeTable’s lead iOS developer came by the Socialize office for one of our hands-on developer sessions to learn how to integrate Socialize into the app, and he

We recently announced v2.0 of the Android Socialize SDK, and then an alpha release of iOS v2.0 SDK as well.  Version 2.0 of our SDK introduces a slew of new features which developers have been asking for since we launched version 1.0 late last year. Now Android is back with v2.1 (which you can download


Last week we announced Socialize SDK v2.0 for Android.  This week we’re announcing the alpha release of the v2.0 SDK for iOS.  Click here to download it, and please provide any bug reports or feedback on our support forum, which we monitor religiously. In version 1.0 launched last November, we packaged social actions into an easy-to-use


We’re happy to announce that our App Intelligence Dashboard now shows each user’s Klout score if they have authenticated in your app using Twitter.  This is another way for you to identify, target and reward the most valuable and influential users in your app.  We also show you the user’s social reach, helping you focus

Socialize Badges & Links - Click to Enlarge

We’ve recently introduced three new powerful ways to drive app downloads, available to Socialize developers through the “Badges & Links” tab of our App Intelligence Dashboard.  The first is a badge developers can put on any web property which showcases, in real-time, the social actions happening in the app.  The second is a smart app

Socialize CTO Isaac Mosquera spoke about Socialize at this year’s GLUE Conference with a talk titled “Develop Apps for Rapid Adoption and Enormous Scale”.  You can find his full presentation here. In the presentation, Isaac talks about developing for apps with a large install base and a high percentage of active daily and monthly users.  If


You’ve asked for it, now it’s here:  Socialize SDK version 2.0.  Android is live starting today and the iOS alpha release is available . In version 1.0 launched last November, we packaged social actions into an easy-to-use Social ActionBar.  Now in version 2.0, we’ve vastly extended Socialize’s functionality and made it infinitely customizable. Here’s a

SocialCam's Rocketing Growth of Monthly and Daily Active Users, due to the power of social

Call for Beta Testers: Our SmartDownload system will soon be getting even more powerful with open graph integration. Sign up below to join our beta. We’re pulling back the covers just a bit to show you what’s coming next from Socialize. The power of social actions to massively boost app installs and app re-engagement is

Sort your users based on various criteria to identify and target your most valuable users

You wanted order, you got order!  We’re happy to introduce user sorting to the App Intelligence Dashboard.  You can now order your users by the following fields: The most valuable users in your app, as determined by each user’s Socialize Score. Newest users Recently active users Total actions of each user Total activity of each

Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 7.04.56 PM

What happens when a well established media company wants to spur innovation?  In the case of Turner Broadcasting– the parent company to well known brands like CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and many others — the answer was to create MediaCamp, a 12 week accelerator program that provides innovative startups like Socialize an opportunity to share

Creating a User MicroTargeting SmartAlerts

Here’s a powerful way to use our MicroTargeting SmartAlert feature: Poll and interact with specific app users.  For example, you might want to identify and target the most valuable user in your app, or find out what types of content the most active users in your app want to see more of. Watch this video to

A Referral via an Entity page in Socialize's SmartDownload system

Today we are unveiling Referrals, a fresh concept from Socialize that increases app downloads from new users and boosts re-engagement from existing users. A referral occurs when Socialize introduces a prospective user to your app. The existing users in your app are your most passionate marketers. We help you put them to work by giving

We’ve been busy here at Socialize!  We recently launched a new homepage to show off some of the live apps running Socialize.  We’re also thankful for the incredible developer support we’ve gotten, and we’re happy to report that over 2,000 app developers have downloaded our iOS & Android SDK over 7,500 times, authenticating over 1,000

The Socialize Executive Team Talks Tech

Socialize CEO Daniel Odio moderated a discussion today with Socialize executive team members Jason Polites, Isaac Mosquera and Sean Shadmand about how Socialize has created an infrastructure that supports over 7 million API requests per day, 2.5 million social actions (now creating 1 million new actions per month), 100,000 new users per day, over 7,000

If users access your app on more than one device, say an iPhone and an iPad, it can be difficult ensure the user’s profiles are managed correctly, especially if they have the option to authenticate via multiple mechanisms — Facebook and Twitter, for example. Socialize makes managing users across multiple devices seamless.  Sean explains the

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Last week’s three day MoDevUX conference was a great opportunity for mobile app developers and designers to converge and discuss many app-related topics.  On Saturday, LivingSocial opened its new DC office up for a MoDevUX hackathon, and Socialize sponsored a $500 prize for the best implementation.  The winners were the team from Eventurer, a treaure

Socialize CEO Daniel Odio moderated a panel at this year’s Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit at the Gannett headquarters in McLean, VA titled “Mobile Marketing: Beyond The Hype.”  The panel discussed what’s working well in mobile marketing, what’s not working well, and what some of the most interesting trends on the horizon are, among many other things.

Socialize CEO Daniel Odio spoke at the fantastic MoDevUX conference about how Socialize has designed an API & SDK for app developers.  The Socialize SDK has seen rapid uptake from developers, as detailed on Daniel’s blog.  Here’s his presentation

First, identify power users of your app using Socialize

Every app developer wants to have a better rating in their app, but it’s hard to identify the people most likely to rate your app positively and encourage them to do so. SmartAlert MicroTargeting from Socialize makes this process far easier.  Here’s how: Your most active users are the ones most likely to give your

Geek Out with our iOS dev, Nate Griswold From time to time, we’re able to pull Nate away from his job developing Socialize on iOS to write a post. This is one such post. It’s more technical than most of our content, but if you want to geek out with Nate, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Thanks Karel for your great piece about Socialize and AppMakr! Listen to the audio here


We’ve been getting some fantastic reports from Socialize app developers telling us how Socialize has increased app downloads and engagement.  Here are a few highlights that we’ve heard recently. Nexercise: +551% Install Boost, +103% Impressions, +114% Comments & Likes! Nexercise is a fitness + gamification app that implemented Socialize in its latest release.  CEO Ben


We’re happy to announce support for Twitter in addition to Facebook. Allowing the social actions of your users to propagate out to social networks is a key part of completing TheLoop to drive installs of your app. To get started, just download the latest Socialize SDK. Here are two screenshots from the IBEX Droid app

Employee Snapshot From time to time we randomly check in with an employee to see what he or she is working on right now and share the result on our blog. We use a special form (at right) to capture a snapshot of what the employee is up to with minimal impact on productivity. Below

Our president Sean Shadmand participated on a panel at Potomac Tech Wire’s jam packed Mobile Outlook 2012 event at the Ritz Carlton in McLean, VA recently.  Here’s a video of the panel


Socialize CEO Daniel Odio participated on a fantastic panel at Canadian Music Week titled “Media on Tablets & Mobile Devices,” moderated by Anthony Bruno, Community Manager, at NARM. Here’s some insight from Daniel on the panel: I just finished a great panel at CMW.  On the panel was also Stephen Henrik of The Globe & Mail,


The engagement boost you’ll get from having SmartAlerts in your app is so significant, we’ve decided to make SmartAlerts FREE, as part of the Startup Plan. If you’re a Socialize developer and you haven’t already implemented SmartAlerts in your app, we highly encourage you to do it.  Here’s how: Step 1: Go to the SmartAlerts


Want to make Socialize even better? We have a new program where we’re offering 3 free months of the Socialize Business Plan for contributing to our source code.  Get the details here

If you walked into the Socialize office on any given day, you’d hear a lot of the same terms and phrases thrown around. Interest Graph is one of them. The Loop is another. And more often than not, “burrito” paired with “size of my head”. But the newest addition to the Socialize lexicon is something

Today Socialize CEO Daniel Odio gave a keynote at the sold-out MobileX conference in Cincinnati. Here’s what he had to say: I can’t tell you how impressed I am by this group.   Brian, Therese, Evan and the entire crew did an amazing job scheduling and executing on this event, and it’s no wonder it

SmartAlerts just got smarter, with Microtargeting. App developers now have the ability to interact with specific users on an individual basis.  This is an incredible way to segment and interact with your user base. Microtarget by Entity:  CouponCloset is a top coupon app that has integrated Socialize.  One of its entities is a 25% off coupon

Socialize developers can already get detailed intelligence on their app users through our App Intelligence Dashboard.  But it gets better — here’s a sneak peek at some much-requested functionality:  The ability for you to communicate with any of your users on a one-on-one basis, by sending that user a SmartAlert

Global User Auth for both Facebook and Twitter

With Socialize, users can already post Comment & Like actions out to Facebook in addition to posting them in the app for other users of the app to see.  Users can also set a global preference to always have in-app actions posted out to Facebook. But wait, there’s more!  Socialize has just added Twitter authentication

Example social action posted out to Facebook

Socialize is laser focused on creating a viral loop in your app, which we simply call “TheLoop,” to drive app downloads and in-app engagement. Part of that value is propagating social actions taken by your users in your app out to Facebook and other social networks. We’ve recently implemented an important part of this viral


Did you know that Amazon’s Appstore for Android requires that any sharing links within the app that lead to an app download point to the Amazon Appstore and not to any other app download sources?  This is an easy requirement to miss, and a hard one to manage across multiple Android marketplaces. Here’s the text from

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 1.17.45 PM

We’ve been busy, releasing web v0.25.0 less than a week after v0.24.0.  For full release notes, scroll to the bottom of this page.  (If you hit the “+1″ or “follow” thumbtack on that page, you’ll be alerted when we have a new release). Here’s what’s new in Web Release v0.25.0: We’ve updated our User Scoring

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 2.45.01 PM

A couple of weeks ago our DIY appmaking platform, AppMakr, was contacted by the one and only Karel (or as some know him, Charles Bouley) of KGO Radio in San Francisco about making an app. He came across an AppMakr mention in USA Today—possibly this one—and thought he’d take a crack at making an app for

Socialize dashboard now has summary of user activity and average views and actions

Relase v0.24.0 brings with it some stability enhancements, bug fixes and several great new features.   Here’s a summary; you can find the full release notes here. Learn more about how your app is performing socially: Custom CSS to make your app download page your own: Here’s a resulting app download page: Ability for users


Packed House at our What’s App Session Sue Ko, AppMakr’s product manager and Socialize CEO Daniel Odio did a panel in front of a 500 person audience over two days at the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association’s annual conference in San Diego, CA. The panel was titled “What’s App” and the session description was: “Innovation will

We’re introducing a lot of new Socialize features & functionality in the first half of 2012, and one of the most requested items from Socialize developers is the ability to know more about their users. There are plenty of SDKs that will tell you how many impressions you had last month, but until now it’s

Click to Enlarge -- Splunk is at the heart of our monitoring system

Click to Enlarge — Our Performance Dashboard Socialize is well known for the robust infrastructure of its drop-in social platform, which handles over 20 requests per second — over 1.5 million requests in the past 24 hours across thousands of mobile apps and millions of end users.  But how does a team of just ten

Socialize iOS SDK version 1.1.9 is live.  Download it here. Here are the release notes: Released: Socialize iOS v1.1.9 [bug] Fix setDelegate warning on _Socialize.h when using ARC [ ] [bug] Paginated view would hit server on scroll of empty view [ ] [bug] Dismiss action bar mail composer would increment view count [


Something exciting is coming to Socialize!  Want to be the first to know

Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 12.33.35 PM

Copley Designs has done a fantastic job implementing Socialize in its Comic Turtle HD iPad app.  The lead developer wrote, “I was amazed at how easy it was to implement.  Socialize quickly allowed our users to interact with other users and create a meaningful experience for them. From a developer standpoint this is a necessary feature

Calling all Titanium developers!  (Well at least those interested in beta testing) The Socialize + Titanium Action Bar is now in beta for iOS apps.  Download the Github repo here.  Instructions are below.  Please post all issues and feedback on our Titanium support forum.  We monitor it religiously. PS – Android devs:  We’re not quite

Thanks to the folks at CES and the Department of Homeland Security for inviting me to participate on a panel focused on mobile security titled Tale of the Tablet. The panel focused on hardware, software and social security on mobile devices.   If you’re curious about the challenges the enterprise is facing securing mobile devices

Due to Google’s strict no-transfer ticket policy, we won’t be able to do the Google IO contest ticket giveaway like we’d hoped.  You can still sign up for the monthly Socialize newsletter, if you’d like: Subscribe to our mailing list

Due to Apple’s strict no-transfer ticket policy, we won’t be able to do the WWDC contest ticket giveaway like we’d hoped.  You can still sign up for the monthly Socialize newsletter, if you’d like: Subscribe to our mailing list


Titanium developers have spoken! When we asked you if you’d like to have a Socialize Module built for Titanium, we only asked for 100 responses. Well not even 12 hours later, we’ve blown past that number. So we’re gearing up to give you what you’re asking for! Here’s what we have in place so far:

Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 7.16.09 AM

T’was the weeks before Christmas, and all through the land, everyone was rushing to get their updates in users’ hands… At least that’s the app developer’s version. The Christmas season is stressful for many reasons—last minute shopping, an ever-depleting bank account balance, and Aunt Bernice’s detailed analysis of your love life and/or career path. But


An app is an awkward party, where nobody knows each other. But with really good food. Bear with us here. The food is a great distraction to keep people from breaking out of their comfort zone (Hmmm. Small talk OR nervously eat these chocolate-covered pretzels?). But because of this, Lauren never talks to Joe and

Thanks to Jeffrey Fitzgerald for a great interview with Isaac Mosquera, Socialize’s CTO, about short-cycle SCRUM agile development, knowing how to evaluate certain technologies for a business, and what the future of mobile and social might hold, at the MoDevEast conference last week. Socialize was a sponsor of this conference, along with LivingSocial, Adobe, Millennial

Socialize sponsored the MoDevEast conference at USA Today’s Gannett Headquarters just outside Washington, DC last week.  Our CTO Isaac Mosquera was a speaker at the event, which also included speakers from LivingSocial, Millennial Media, NPR and other companies leading in the mobile space. The two-day developer conference gave mobile devs an opportunity to learn about

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 3.14.08 PM

Is one of your users abusing the comment system?  Now you can ban users, keeping that user from commenting in your app. Just click on any user’s ID in your Socialize Dashboard, and then click “Ban User” Banning a user doesn’t remove his or her previous comments from the app, it just keeps the user

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 10.59.05 AM

Socialize is excited to announce the release of our     full-fledged Action Bar! Why are we so excited? Because we’re well on our way to a new era in app engagement. Now app users can further connect with each other and their friends for a deeper, social experience that’s centered around and within your

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 5.14.38 AM

Coupon Closet, the premier coupon app for Android with 1,965 reviews and 4.7 stars, has added Socialize just in time for Black Friday shoppers. The Coupon Closet told us, “we pushed out our new fashion coupons app update and we incorporated Socialize 0.7.  Looks really nice and fits the app perfectly.” Want to try Socialize