We have been playing around with some new languages here and have really taking a liking to the new GoLang project from Google. We have enjoyed the philosophy behind the project, the expertise and thought that went into ts development as well as the ease of implementation and ability to perform and scale. As a

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We have always had the mentality at Socialize to not only do our best to test production products (especially critical ones) with coverage from an engineering perspective but more importantly understand that having information and transparency into general metrics within the company can keep each employee and manager from having to second guess themselves or

A gotcha when generating code coverage with mocks in Python I’m a Java guy originally but lately I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and wrestling some pythons.  Despite some early “crybabyness” that I didn’t like the environment and that I wasn’t alone, things soon settled into a rhythm that seemed to be working, until I got


Labs: Carmen, one of our awesome product leads here at ShareThis, was the first to turn us on to the new Twitter Card format option from Twitter. Here is an explination of what Twitter Card is from their dev site: “Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link

Vagrant is a command line interface (CLI) for running and configuring a virtual machine (VM) based off of VirtualBox. It locally creates an isolated environment for developer to mess around and not have to worry about screwing your own local machine. Problem I am working on a python/Django blog which I am running on an

Like many other domains we were recently been affected by the DDoS attack on Namecheap’s nameservers. We thought this would be a good time to move to another NS provider and then use Namecheap as a backup. Unfortunately Namecheap doesn’t let you export the hostname into a BIND zone file, but it does come with

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Geek Out with our CTO, Isaac Mosquera From time to time, we’re able to pull Isaac away from his job architecting Socialize to write a post. This is one such post. It’s more technical than most of our content, but if you want to geek out with Isaac, you’ll probably enjoy it. Want to continue


Sure, staying active is good for you and keeps you healthy and all that good stuff that we like to think is motivation enough in itself. But when it comes to busting your bum at the gym 3 times a week or going for that jog at 6:30 in the morning, sometimes the vague lure


It was only 2 weeks ago that Socialize held its last hackathon—but we were itching to get in the game again! Our last project, Interests Graphed, was completed in less than 9 hours. What else could we churn out in a days’ work? Kicking off on Friday at 9:45 am, the team decided on an

Project Interest Graphed, in all its glory.

Last Friday was less TGIF and more CFSWCMHH (code-faster-so-we-can-make-happy-hour) as Socialize held its first ever company hackathon! Our team was busy hacking away from 8:30am until our impromptu project, dubbed “Interests Graphed”, went live at 5:09pm. Interests Graphed is an interactive map that allows developers to cross-section Socialized app user ID’s to reveal similar interests.

Mmm, donuts

Here in the User Acquisition department we’re kicking off the SDK campaign: the Socialize Donut Kits™. We’re making the rounds of SF-based mobile startups—and we’re packing yummy donuts—in order to get some great feedback on the Socialize SDK. If you’re hankering for a visit from the donut daemon, let us know here. Initially, we brainstormed


Our engineering team uses both Pivotal Tracker and GitHub extensively to continuously update our SDK. Nick Petrella, one of our devs, wrote a script to connect the two a little more seamlessly. “I finally got sick of always having to go look up the Pivotal ID for the story I am working on when I