Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has become one of the company’s showplaces for announcing new technologies. While everyone waits with baited breath for news on the forthcoming iPhone 6, this conference focused more on new software and developer technologies… and there were a lot of them. Better yet, for those of us who didn’t score

iOS 7 marked┬áthe biggest user interface change to Apple’s mobile platform since it was introduced back in 2007. The entire UI (and all of Apple’s native apps) was redesigned with a minimum of skeumorphism, with thinner fonts, and with a cleaner “flattened” look for buttons, icons, and tool/navigation/action bars. For applications and frameworks with customized

Dependency management is a key element of software engineering. For all but the most trivial applications, dependent libraries that extend your app’s abilities (and mitigate the need to “reinvent the wheel”) must be included, used, and kept up-to-date when they change. In iOS, dependencies have typically been handled by dragging & dropping a compiled library

No, I am not a University of Oklahoma fan (Go Irish!). But the nickname of the University of Oklahoma represents a fascinating part of American History. Poor, landless homesteaders, unable to find a home in the crowded, expensive Eastern states seized the rare opportunity to  stake their claim to parcels of newly opened Oklahoma lands.