The technology has almost written off MySQL as a database for new fancy NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra or even Hadoop for aggregation. But MySQL has a lot to offer in terms of ‘ACID’ity, performance and simplicity. For many use-cases MySQL works well. In this week’s ShareThis workshop we discuss different tips & techniques

The Apple App Store has begun stricter enforcement of the use of IDFA (identifier for advertising). Apps that use IDFA but do not serve ads may be rejected from the App Store during the submission process. The Socialize iOS SDK and its dependent libraries make use of IDFA for tracking and analytics. Effective with release

Dependency management is a key element of software engineering. For all but the most trivial applications, dependent libraries that extend your app’s abilities (and mitigate the need to “reinvent the wheel”) must be included, used, and kept up-to-date when they change. In iOS, dependencies have typically been handled by dragging & dropping a compiled library

Socialize SDK v2.8.8, featuring iOS 7 compatibility, has been released. Downloads and documentation are available here. This replaces the pre-release SDKs that were recently made available via this blog


Niall O’Higgins from Frozen Ridge came to ShareThis talk about node.js and why it’s his language of choice. Node.js is javascript framework that allows for asynchronous workloads and high concurrency. It comes with an excellent package manager and many specialized modules. Below is a 2 part video and slides of Niall presenting at the ShareThis

As with most iOS projects, some of our newer unreleased products at Socialize have had a common need for some networking support beyond what core foundation provides on iOS. Nate, our rock star iOS developer, took those needs (and some frustrations with libraries available today) and created a separate iOS library called SZNetworking. Lighter than

We recently had Dan Goldburt from Splunk stop by and help us upgrade to the new Splunk DB Connect.  Because log based data is typically a bunch of numerical IDs it’s hard to make much sense from it.  Splunk DB Connect adds meaningful data to log based event data.   It also allow us to

Socialize <3 MobileX, and we just can’t stay away! In March, Socialize CEO Daniel Odio gave a keynote at the Cincinnati MobileX conference, and then last week Sean Shadmand, co-founder and president of Socialize, gave a keynote at the Lexington MobileX conference. We’re looking forward to whatever mobile events MobileX throws next! Sean’s keynote, titled “Shaping your mobile

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by Christine Borden, special to Socialize, Inc. On Monday, 500 entrepreneurs and startup diehards gathered at Hotel Kabuki not to talk failure. This wasn’t your usual self-congratulatory conference of experts–this was FailCon. FailCon is a daylong conference that doesn’t necessarily celebrate failure…but it believes that learning what not to do can be much more relatable.