Extending our social SDK to other platforms

The Socialize developer community <3 the Socialize SDK, and we <3 them back.

We only have bandwidth to officially support the iOS & Android platforms, but we’ll do what we can to encourage and promote community-enhanced SDKs for other platforms.  We would be especially interested in seeing the Socialize social SDK extended to the following platforms:

  • HTML5 (today you can build against our API for HTML5)
  • WindowsPhone
  • Titanium (this one is already in the works – learn more here)
  • Unity (gaming platform)
If you’re interested in extending the Socialize SDK to a third-party platform, please leave a comment on our support forum and we will do our best to connect you with others of similar interests.


You can also contribute to the open-source Socialize SDK for iOS & Android.  Here’s the Github page.