Socialize Features

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Socialize Features:

App Intelligence Dashboard
Welcome to your command center. Add, edit and configure apps with the Socialize API and SDK. See how they’re performing with total app transparency—who your users are, what content is most valuable, and more. Try digging in with our sample dashboard or check out these dashboard screenshots.

Ready to Scale
Socialize’s cloud-based infrastructure has auto-scaling and redundancy built in, so we’re ready for any number of users thrown at us. Leveraging Socialize to make your app social also means less servers for you to deploy and manage. And since we don’t charge for data storage, you won’t have to worry about out-of-control costs. We’re designed to grow with you, so you can focus on what you do best: building great mobile apps.

Managing Multiple 3rd parties
Do you want your users to be able to post multiple types of social actions to various 3rd party social networks? Are authentication tokens getting messy and difficult to manage? Managing multiple 3rd parties can be tricky. We take care of the internal plumbing for you, so you can focus on creating a great app experience.

Stats & Graphs
Everyone loves ‘em and now you can have ‘em for free. Even the most basic Socialize plan provides a peek into who is using your app, what they’re up to, and what content is most popular. You’ll see the viral loop in action with user activity boosting engagement and promoting app discovery.

Socialize APIs
We’ve architected our system to give you complete control. If you’d rather skip the SDKs and use our API directly, you can. Here’s how.

Socialize Action Bar
Ready, Set, Action. We’ve bundled the Socialize features into an easy-to-use Action Bar that users love. You can drop the action bar into any screen in your app to make that content social. Don’t want to use our action bar? No problem, it’s part of our open-source SDK, allowing you to customize integration of our feature set to your heart’s content. Learn more about it here.

Facebook + Twitter Sharing
Take advantage of Facebook and Twitter integration built into our platform. We know how to tweak things just right so you get the maximum benefit when your users share your content out to social networks. We’ll make sure each post includes an icon of the app, a link to your content, a link to our app SmartDownload page to drive installs, and more. Then, we provide metrics on our App Intelligence Dashboard showing you the value of those social actions. Get the details here.

Community Support
Join our community of developers and get quick help from our support forum, which includes a self-service knowledge base and more.

Ban/Un-Ban Users
Sometimes users need a little tough love. We give you the ability to banish users from your app if you don’t like the way they are participating in your community, and to bring them back if you have a change of heart.

App Analytics Data
What’s your most popular content? App Analytics gives you the tools you need to make decisions about what content to prioritize in your app, and to see what’s working and what’s not.

App Activity Data
How many comments, likes and shares has your content gotten in the past day, week, or month? With App Activity you’ll know what’s trending in your app and the social networks your users are sharing your content too. You’ll know how many downloads you are getting from social actions and how much re-engagement you’re getting from your user base.

Custom Branding
We allow you to fully customize your SmartDownloads page with CSS so it’s reflective of your brand, and a great place to highlight your app. Get more more details here.

User/Content Search
Your app has a lot of content and a lot of users. Sometimes you want to be able to hone in on specifics. We make that easy with the search functionality in our App Intelligence Dashboard so you can drill down to specific users or specific content.

Interest API
How would you like to customize your app for each individual user? You can, with our Interest API. Ping our API before you display app content to each user and prioritize what they see in your app based on their expressed interests. You’ll make every user feel like the app was built just for them.

Immediate ROI
Build vs. buy? Or rather, platform stability vs. precious developer time? It takes just minutes to drop in Socialize’s bulletproof system, making your app instantly social and creating a viral loop that boosts downloads. With just two lines of code you’ll be able to implement what would take months (and a few grey hairs) to build on your own.

Trusted Platform
We’re 100% dedicated to building a solid social infrastructure for your app. Which means thousands of unit tests covering over 70% of our code base for each release, continuous integration and short-cycle scrum methodologies to ensure the best performance possible. Our SDK is already trusted by thousands of app developers with millions of users. We know our stuff.

Amazon Compliance
Fun fact: Amazon’s App Store for Android requires that all app download links (e.g. a Facebook post originating from the app) point back to Amazon. Not so fun: having your app pay the price for not knowing this. We make it easy for you to comply with and manage requirements like this one. Get more details.

Open Source Goodness
Our iOS and Android SDKs are open source and offer pre-built default views (like these for Android comments). Any level of developer can use them. Or, take advantage of our open APIs and build past our SDKs to suit your individual use case. From instant activation to deep custom integration, we’ve got you covered.

Socialize SDK
If you’re an iOS or Android developer, we have just what you’re looking for. You can drop Socialize into your app in as little as 5 minutes with just a few lines of code with our SDKs. Want to fully customize the Socialize feature set within your app? No problem — our SDKs are open source, so you can use our pre-built views as a guide and customize to taste. Learn more.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to track the downloads that resulted from social activity in your app, as well as social activity from social networks? We’ve got you covered. We create a custom app SmartDownload page for your app and track installs from your users who share on Facebook and other social networks. For the first time, you’ll be able to calculate the ROI you get by making your app social. Learn more about SmartDownloads.

Debug Console
Bugs bug us too, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to catch errors that may prevent you from implementing Socialize in your app. Our debug console gives you insight into whether you are authenticating correctly, and a log of requests made to our servers tells you where failures are occurring and takes away the painful mystery of implementation.

The absolute best way to bring your users back to your app. People love to see what others are saying about what they said. The SmartAlerts push notification system alerts individual users when someone comments on their comments. Learn more about making your app smart.

User Profile Viewer
Wouldn’t you like to know who your users are, and how valuable each one is to you? We give you user intelligence like never before. Learn what OS they’re using, what social actions they’ve taken and what social networks they’ve authenticated with. We score users based on actions, frequency of use, device type, SDK version, and we segment them into cohorts based on their value to you. Now you can create two-way conversations with your biggest fans.

Moderate Comments
Did a user let a comment slip that doesn’t belong in your app? Comment moderation puts you in full control.

Direct Support
Need faster help than our support forum provides? We’ve got you covered. You’ll get the direct email address of our CEO and a commitment that we’ll give your issues top priority.

User Analytics Data
The more you know about your users, the better the experience you can provide them. We tell you what your users are responding to so you can focus on what’s working.

User Activity Data
Are your users rallying around certain parts of your app? Does some of your content get shared to social networks more than others? Who are your most passionate users? We track User Activity to give you answers.


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