Meet the Team

Before Socialize, Daniel, Sean and Isaac created, the largest Do It Yourself mobile app creation platform for non developers, used by over 400,000 people to create apps for over 30 million users. It has been featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, WSJ, CNET, USA Today, CBS and many other press outlets. They also co-founded together and later sold PointAbout, a top tier mobile development company based in Washington, DC.
Daniel R. Odio, CEO and Co-founder. Daniel has been featured on CNN, CNBC, TLC, Forbes, BBC and many other publications for his innovative use of technology in industries—from real estate to computer servers and mobile phones. He frequently speaks on the ways social media and mobile innovations change the social landscape.
Isaac Mosquera, CTO and Co-founder. Isaac boasts 13 years of experience in architecting large-scale systems at companies like XM Radio and Future Publishing. He is also on the Twitters.
Sean Shadmand, President and Co-founder. Sean was lauded by The Washington Post as a “strategic genius” and has been a guest speaker, both on and off the air, for his insight into the future of technology. Before Socialize he co-founded a recipe social network with Isaac and was an early employee at
Jason Polites, Senior Android Developer. Be wary of what you say about Android in front of him—this Aussie knows karate.
Nate GriswoldSenior iOS Developer. Not only is he the best iOS dev in San Francisco, he blogs about it too.
Nick Petrella, Killer Coding Ninja Monkey. He’s powering the next generation of Socialize web services with his sharp skills and blinding knowledge.
Harpreet Bola, Web Developer. By channeling the spiritual power of the universe through the tips of his fingers, he delivers users to a cloud of bliss…all on our website(s).