Passbook Advertising Platform

Welcome to the Passbook Advertising Platform. We allow any advertiser turn an Apple Passbook pass into a mobile ad unit and distribute it through our mobile ad network.

Our Passbook Ad Platform offers a new way to connect deeply with mobile web and mobile app users. Never before has a mobile advertiser been able to give mobile users a way to carry an offer with them, just by clicking on an ad. Now it’s possible, with Apple’s Passbook and our mobile ad distribution platform.

These ads can be distributed on any iPhone running iOS6. We can show the Passbook pass advertisement across all the standard mobile ad unit sizes. All a user has to do is click the ad, and the pass will be shown to the user for addition to that user’s Passbook.

If you’re ready to get started, just fill the interest form out below.

Here Are The Available Types of Passes We Can Create For You:     Click each to enlarge
Store GiftCard
Generic Pass
Event Pass
Coupon or Offer
Boarding Pass
Here’s How It Works:

1) We Create Your Passbook Pass:  Just give us the details of your offer and we’ll turn it into a Passbook pass.  Here are some example passes:

2) We Run Your Pass as an Ad Unit:
We run your ad across 1,000+ publishers generating 15+ billion impressions per month.  We charge on a CPM basis, just like any other ad.

  3) Users Install Your Pass:
Users see your ad on mobile websites or mobile apps, and click on the ad to install the Passbook pass.   It’s then safely in their passbook to be used by the user.

Here Are The Specs:   Click To Enlarge

We make creating a Pass easy. Just tell us what you’d like to offer, and we will handle the rest.

Try It Yourself:

Here’s how you can see our 320×50 Passbook Ad Unit in action:

Scan QR code
or click this link

Scan this QR code with an iPhone running iOS 6. It will open a fictional news publisher mobile website page called “Mega News”. Click on the “15% off any item” ad unit, and the ACME Superstore pass will be added to your passbook.

Important: Make sure you open the URL in the default Safari browser, and not the QR Code scanner browser window.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m ready to get started. What’s the next step?

To get started, you can contact us above, or go straight to our Insertion Order system and fill an IO out. If you’d rather not fill the IO out yourself, we can do it for you, just contact us above and we’ll give you a call.

How do you charge?

We charge on a CPM basis. We offer volume discounts, so the exact cost will depend on your budget. We will provide you specific pricing in your insertion order.

Do you advertise only on mobile devices? Can I run desktop ads as well?

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Right now, just mobile. We are beta testing Passbook ads on the desktop for Mac users. (It’s possible for Mac users to send a Pass to their Passbook, straight from the Mac, as per the screenshot at left). If you’d like to participate in that beta program, please let us know in the comments above.

What is your reach across mobile?

We’ll serve your ad across our network spanning thousands of app publishers and mobile websites. We have access to over 15 billion ad impressions per month. 87% of our traffic is in-app (40% is Android, and 59% is iOS) and 13% is mobile web.

What percentage of iPhone Users are on iOS 6?

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Just 3 weeks after iOS6 launch, 62% of users are on iOS6. We already see plenty of penetration to serve Passbook ads.

Are you able to target my ad geographically?

Yes. 49% of our impressions contain location information. We can target by country, region, state, or zip code. There is an additional CPM fee for geo targeting.

Are you able to target my ad by gender?

Yes, although only 4% of our impressions have gender information, so targeting by gender will reduce the volume of available impressions. There is an additional CPM fee for gender targeting.

How else can you target my ad?

We can target your ad based on a number of additional variables, which are all outlined in our insertion order system. By default we target your ad only to iPhone users on iOS6 (these are the users that have the Passbook). We can also target by time-of-day (called “dayparting”), app category, and other variables. There is an additional CPM fee for this type of targeting.

How it is our inventory distributed by geography?

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The majority of our traffic is US based, with Canada, Great Britain, China, Spain, Germany, Australia, France, Mexico, and Korea rounding out the top ten.

We allow geo targeting at an additional CPM fee.

What verticals do you have volume in?

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We have a traffic pattern that mirrors US consumption on mobile devices, with high traffic in social networking, games and entertainment content.

We allow targeting within specific content types at an additional CPM fee.

What ad size options do I have?

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Since Passbook only runs on the iPhone (not iPad), you can choose between iPhone-sized ad creative. 320×50 has by far the highest volume, as shown in the chart at left.

Do you offer a dashboard?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We’ll provide you weekly reporting on your spend and results.


If you have a question that’s not answered here, please submit it using the form above and we’ll get you an answer ASAP.