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ReadWriteWeb: Socialize Releases Action Bar 1.0 for Building Better Social Apps.

TechCrunch: Ready For More Social Apps? Socialize’s “Social Action Bar” Hits Version 1.0.

CNBC: Socialize chosen by CNBC as one of the 15 hottest startups worldwide (slide #5) in its recent Global Entrepreneurship special report.

ReadWriteWebReadWriteWeb: “What Are Developers’ Options for Tracking Actionable Data in Mobile Apps?”

TechCrunchTechCrunch: “Socialize Launches Social SDK To Let Developers Unleash Communities Hiding in Mobile Apps”

ReadWriteWebReadWriteWeb: “Add a Social Network to Your App with Socialize’s New SDK”

WashingtonpostWashington Post: “Socialize Launches Social SDK To Let Developers Unleash Communities Hiding in Mobile Apps”

ReadWriteWebReadWriteWeb: “7 Companies Poised to Disrupt the Mobile Enterprise”

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MobileBeat: Why mobile apps need to have privacy policies.

The New York Times: Why Mobile Apps Need to Have Privacy Policies.

All Things Digital

All Things Digital (Wall Street Journal): “Socialize Gives Mobile Content Apps a Social Layer”

Social Times

Social Times: “AppMakr Launches Socialize, Adds ‘Social Layer’ to Mobile App Building”

Fierce Mobile Content

Fierce Mobile Content:
“Socialize launches SDK to build in-app mobile social networks”

iPhone Develop Labs

iPhone Develop Labs: “Socialize releases SDK for Android and iOS app developers”


Ubercool: “App Nation”


InformationWeek: “AppMakr Adds Social Networking to App Development”


AlwaysOn: “Announcing the 2011 AlwaysOn Global 250″

Potomac Tech Wire: “PointAbout sells D.C. consulting business”

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Socialize is the fastest way to make any app social. Our drop-in social platform creates a community around your app with commenting, sharing and social media integration. Not only does your app become more engaging, your content is spread throughout each users’ existing social networks—for more app discovery and a big ol’ boost in overall downloads. We like to call this “the loop”. And it gets your users working for you.

A rich, social app with greater discovery and more engaged users. Download the SDK here.

AppMakr Press: Want more? Read articles about our do-it-yourself app creation platform, AppMakr, from TechCrunch, TIME, WSJ, Entrepreneur, InformationWeek and many other publications on AppMakr’s press page.