SmartAlerts: Bring Users Back

Socialize already does a great job of increasing app discovery by allowing users’ social actions to be propagated out to Facebook and then by tracking the resulting app downloads that come from those social actions.

Click to Enlarge: App engagement falls below 2% past 90 days

But how do you get the users who have already downloaded your app to come back to it?  App engagement rates fall off a cliff industry-wide: On average only 5% of users will return to your app 20 days after installing it, and usage bottoms out below 2% after 90 days.  You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your app, and now only 1 in 50 users is using it on a regular basis!

Getting you more app downloads from new users (discovery) boosting app impressions from existing users (re-engagement) are core focuses of the Socialize Drop-In Social Platform, and the SmartAlerts system is a key driver of user re-engagement.

SmartAlerts handles the intelligent routing of alerts to specific users and optimizes alert timing and sending.  SmartAlerts is an engine that powers The Loop, as we like to call it — a viral loop of user interaction that drives new app downloads, which in turn increases user interaction.   SmartAlerts has been hooked into Socialize’s commenting platform to start.  We will be expanding SmartAlerts over time to re-engage users across our social platform’s feature set.

SmartAlerts: The Details

Figure 01: User can 'subscribe' when making a comment in your app

You can drop the Socialize ActionBar into your app literally in minutes (here’s how), allowing your users to comment, like and share your content to other users of the app and out to their friends on Facebook.  With SmartAlerts enabled (available on the Business plan or higher), users will be able to ‘subscribe’ to the comment thread when making a comment (see screenshot at left).

Then, when another user comments in the thread, the users who subscribed will get a push notification bringing them back into the app to continue the conversation.

Click to Enlarge. Fig 01: User hits 'subscribe.' Figs 02-04: SmartAlerts dialogue box pops up. Figs 05-06: User is alerted that he's subscribed.

We call SmartAlerts smart because our system intelligently tracks down which users need to be notified on which threads.

We manage all of the alerting and notification functionality so it’s completely transparent to you.  All you have to do is add a few lines of code to your app to handle and manage notifications and you’ll be all set.

Once the user has subscribed to SmartAlerts, they’ll see a dialogue box like the one at right notifying them that they will be notified when someone replies to that discussion.  The user can unsubscribe to the alerts at any time.

Ready to give SmartAlerts a try?  Just register as a developer, get your auth tokens, download our SDK and we’ll provide a step-by-step install guide from there. You can also learn more about other Socialize features on our features page.