Brains + Brawn That ‘Just Works’: How Our SmartDownload System Boosts App Installs

The SmartDownload System - Click to Enlarge

Call for Beta Testers: Our SmartDownload system will soon be getting even more powerful with open graph integration. If you’d like to learn more or join our beta, please click here.

When we say we’ll get you more downloads, we mean it. And an integral part of this is closing the loop — ensuring that all of the social actions occurring inside your app propagate out to social networks and then translate into new users.

Our SmartDownload system does just that. It’s what helps turn comments, likes and shares into installs, compelling prospective users to download your app by making it darn-near impossible not to. And the best part is that it keeps working hard, so you don’t have to.

Here’s a quick rundown:

(Click here for a detailed account of how the SmartDownload system works in each scenario.)

When a user makes a social action in your app — say, a comment — we’ll ask to authenticate through Facebook or Twitter (if you’ve already auth’d the user, we can use that existing authentication). If the user chooses Facebook, their comment will get posted both in the app and to their Facebook wall (and global posting will be activated). That wall post is full of goodies: the comment itself, a link to the entity that was commented on, and several links to your SmartDownload page to show off your app and draw potential users in.

Comment Post on Facebook Wall.


This process is all part of the SmartDownload system. What exactly is so smart about it? Well, it takes all of the app, sharing and content information and optimizes it to get you as many downloads as possible. As you can imagine, your SmartDownload page has a big part in this. The page is a finished product of this system as new users see it (And if the page is being viewed on a mobile device, it’s tailored to fit the mobile experience. More information on that can be found here.). And we make sure they see it as often as possible.

It contains a simulation of your app, as well the latest user activity so the viewer can see there’s a thriving app community waiting for them to join. Sharing features are available to further share this activity and the SmartDownload page itself to social networks. In this case, since the prospective user arrived here through a comment share, they’ll see the comment along with a preview and link to the entity that was commented on.

But above all, they’ll find multiple seamless ways to download your app.

SmartDownload Page from Comment Share.


Your SmartDownload page will be displayed differently depending on what content is being shared, where it is being viewed and what information is associated with the entity (e.g. a URL). But really, you don’t have to think about it. We’ve taken every detail into account to make optimizing your app’s social actions as simple and effective as possible. The SmartDownload system even creates an Object Page out of the entity to give developers easy access to the Open Graph. Each base is covered to give you more more downloads, more control over your user experience and more information into what’s working for your app without doing any extra work.

The bottom line is: the SmartDownload system is designed to get you more downloads, more quickly, without you having to lift a finger. All you have to do is download the SDK. Then sit back, relax and watch your new users come rolling in.