Work to Play or Play to Work? Why Not Both?

Our crew celebrating awesomeness at Tres Agaves

Hi, we’re Socialize (you might also know us from our AppMakr brand).

We are 17 people and growing, with immediate openings for the following positions (click below to apply):

So enough about you. Back to us.

Socialize is the mobile intelligence company. We’re mapping out the interest graph with the data our drop-in SDK collects, and we’re betting that discovering users’ interests is a whole lot more meaningful than mining for their demographic identities. Socialize shares this raw data with developers and uses it to help you better monetize your app. So users get apps optimized for them and you get to replace your toilet paper roll with a wad of hundred dollar bills. Win-win!

Here is why you should Socialize with us:

We eat. Lunch is provided Monday through Thursday (feel free to gorge enough to tide you over for Friday—grizzly bear style) at our sweet SoMa office. And if you’re the type to enjoy a post-brunch, pre-lunch, mid-late-morning meal, our fridge is always packed with snacks and drinks. Can you say Nutella? (We actually can’t; its deliciousness is currently coating our taste buds.)


We learn. Fact: if you ever stop learning, your mind will shrivel up into a tiny brain raisin capable only of retaining “Entourage” quotes. Which is why we offer free access to Safari Books Online and for technical learning and an unlimited education credit (password details are here). Go to as many conferences as you need to start having people put “rockstar” before your job title. Plus, we’ll reimburse you for hotel and airfare. Aaaaand go!

We give. Choose the computer setup of your desires (yes, that even includes PC if you must), along with whatever mobile gadget you need. And if you’re looking for a way to spend $50 a day without spending $50 a day, take ours and go to some networking events after work. Or if you need to work off all those free drinks and pizza slices from your geekcore meetups, sign up for a gym membership on our dime. With all that grizzly bear gorging, you’re gonna need it (along with our Thursday evening company runs, too). Oh, and while you’re out there rubbing shoulders (or sweating bullets), take some of our schwag—we’ve got shirts, hats, and hoodies galore!

You'll look great in Socialize

We transport. While we have a flexible work-fromphome policy, we would like to see your beautiful, just-woke-up-and-in-desperate-need-of-coffee face. Tell you what: to get you in the office, we’ll set you up with a commuter check for your monthly travel budget. That includes BART, Muni, gas or garage parking in our building. Yup, we have parking in our building. Cue the angelic choir.

We benefit. Because we know scurvy can sneak up on you before you can say “arr, pass me an orange,” we offer a full benefits package with a healthy (pun intended) chunk of cash for healthcare, vision, dental, and a 401(k). We’ve even set you up with some snazzy concierge-style service at health clinic One Medical. And when you need to kick up your feet for a few days (or several), you can dig into your unlimited PTO.

We <3 OneMedical Concierge-Style Docs!

We play. The company is called Socialize. We’d be a bunch of shameless hypocrites if we didn’t love to have fun, meet new people and party hardy. Why not see for yourself? Come by for lunch to meet the team. Ten points if you show up already wearing a lampshade on your head.

The view from our SoMa office

Basically, our philosophy is that happy employees are good employees. If you’re well taken care of, you’ll be at your most productive every day.

Know someone who’s at the top of their field and would be a great fit at Socialize? Send them over! We’ll give you up to 10,000 clams for successful referrals.