Drive Installs, Boost Engagement & Get User Intelligence

Case Studies:

Key Benefits:

  • More Discoverability:
    Socialize lets users share your content to other users within the app, as well as in top social networks, greatly increasing app discoverability.
  • Boost Engagement:
    Socialize brings users back to your app, boosting in-app engagement among existing users and making each app download more valuable to you.
  • Higher App Monetization:
    More downloads and more engagement lead to more money in your pocket if you are charging per-download, through ad impressions, or via in-app purchase.

Recent Press:

TechCrunch: Socialize Makes Any App Social, Already Reaches 10M End Users
ReadWriteWeb: Socialize Releases Action Bar 1.0 for Building Better Social Apps.
CNBC: Socialize one of the 15 hottest startups worldwide (slide #5).
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Turner app examples are prototypes and not yet live


Socialize Case Studies:

The Mac|Life iPhone App: Download App
The San Diego Chargers iPhone App: Download App
Comic Turtle HD iPad App: See Case Study Download App
The CouponCloset Android App: See Case Study Download App
The Drum Kit! iPhone App: See Case Study Download App

Socialize Intelligence Dashboard Screenshots:
Frequently Asked Questions: Visit Support Center
Socialize is the fastest way to make any app social. Our drop-in social platform creates a community around your app with commenting, sharing and social media integration. Not only does your app become more engaging, your content is spread throughout each users’ existing social networks—for more app discovery and a big ol’ boost in overall downloads. We like to call this “the loop”. And it gets your users working for you.

A rich, social app with greater discovery and more engaged users. Download the SDK here.

How much does Socialize cost?
You can find Socialize pricing here.

How easy is it to use Socialize?
You can implement Socialize within minutes…or 23 seconds if you’re that good.

How many Socializers are there?
We have over 550,000 end users…and counting.

Why should I use Socialize instead of building my own system?
Of course you can spend weeks (months?) coding your own system, but you can implement Socialize today and start capturing user conversations. Only Socialize allows you to tap into thousands of other apps’ user interest data that exist on our servers.

Can I use Socialize with my HTML5 or web app?
Yes. For HTML5 and web apps, you can build against our API to access Socialize functionalities. The API documentation lives at

What versions of iOS does Socialize support?
Socialize supports iOS versions 4.0 and above.

Does Socialize support Android too?

Does the SDK have pre-built views?
Yes, both our Android and iOS SDKs have pre-built views. Refer to our iOS and Android SDK documentation for details.

What is “mobile intelligence?”
Mobile intelligence is more than analytics or raw data: it’s actionable information that you can use to align your interests with your customers. The mobile intelligence that Socialize provides will allow you to build smarter apps that are more relevant to your userbase.

Does Socialize increase user engagement?
Science says yes! Our data scientist proved that Socialize increases app sessions on average by 21.8 percent.